Casumo Casino is here to erase the boredom from this planet


Casinohawks meets Casumo @ Sigma 2016


CasinoHawks TV had a good old chat with Casumo Online Casino Head of Affiliates Christian Ferreri at SiGMA 2016 conference.

"Ever since Casumo started, we wanted to create something special and something different. Casumo is not a niche casino, we don’t target the VIPs, we don’t target the males, 18-35. We target everyone who just wants to have fun and help us erase boredom from this planet. And that's why we built world's first casino adventure" - explains the concept Christian.

Casumo Reel Races

But what does Casino adventure means in terms of real action? One example of this are the Reel Races; the unique fast paced tournaments, which are only 20 minutes long, and run every 30 minutes, 24/7.

Christian told Casinohawks TV: "It’s very interactive, you get live feedback on how you are performing. It’s short as well; you don’t have to wait for two days to see if you have won. And if you didn’t perform as well in the tournament you played, you have 30 minutes till next one."

This operator brand has ceased to exist

Started as a Christmas campaign, Reel Races became so popular at Casumo, that it was decided to keep them as a continuous campaign.

Learn more about the fun and cute casino brand Casumo in our exclusive video interview.