The best Online Poker Casinos in the UK for 2024

There are hundreds of online casinos operating in the UK, the best of which offer various types of virtual Poker, Video Poker, and classic Poker.

Below are our top UK casino sites that come highly recommended for their choice of games, promotions, and services.


Is playing Poker online legal in the UK?

Poker is certainly legal in the UK, and it is one of the staples of land-based casinos all over the country.

There are hundreds of online casinos offering online poker, however, we recommend our visitors to always choose to play with an online gambling platform that has sought to obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

This is the government body that regulates online gambling and ensures players have a safe and fair environment to play in.

Is Poker Online rigged?

If you choose to play with a licensed online casino, you don’t need to worry about their poker games being rigged.

Such operators would have partnered with equally licensed game developers, whose RNG computers are checked frequently both by the provider and an independent auditor.

Furthermore, if you opt to play at one of the recommended casinos on CasinoHawks, you’d be joining a platform that has been operating internationally for many years and with great success too.

Moreover, if you play classic poker from a reputable studio, like Evolution Gaming and Playtech, you can rest assured that no rigging will take place during the game, as these are highly reputable companies with licenses from various gambling jurisdictions. 

Online Poker with Friends: The best online poker sites

Online Poker with Friends is exactly what the name suggests, a way for you to play Poker with your friends as your opponents.

PokerStars is one popular UK casino that focuses its theme around Poker and that also gives players the opportunity to play Poker with their friends.

Why play Poker online?

Playing Poker online provides you with all the thrills you might otherwise experience when playing Poker in person but without the additional hassle of having to physically go anywhere. 

All you need is a fully-functioning device, a good internet connection, and to log in at any of the UK casino sites in our catalogue that offer classic Poker, and you’re ready to play for wins!

We also have to point out, that in most cases when you play online games like RNG Poker and online Poker, you are playing against the house. Nevertheless, there are still some advantages to playing online that are worth exploring.

Classic Poker VS Online Poker Rooms

Dealer PokerOnline Poker Rooms
Play from your homeAllows you to play Poker with a dealer from the comfort of your home. Play Poker in various Poker Rooms from the comfort of your home.
BonusesPlay Dealer Poker with a bonusPlay Online Poker with a bonus
PromotionsEnjoy occasional promotions involving PokerEnjoy occasional promotions involving Online Poker
Best UK Poker | Play Online Poker & Win
Best UK Poker | Play Online Poker & Win

Are Online Poker and Dealer Poker different?

As mentioned earlier, Online Poker offers you the fantastic experience of playing Poker in person without compromising your comfort. 

Virtual interfaces make it possible for you to place bets and chat with the dealer and players during a Poker game at several online casino platforms, or by using apps, which we will speak more about later. 

Online Poker vs Poker

The best casinos offer a selection of virtual poker and Poker. Although the games are the same in essence, there are some major differences between the two that may impact player preference.

In virtual poker, players are faced with a computer programme that generates random card draws.

This RNG version is a one-player game, which is available at any time of the day or night. Players can also choose between the play-for-fun version or go straight for the real money game. 

Poker is a more authentic version of the game, which is streamed live from a provider’s studio. The game involves a real flesh and blood croupier who sits at a proper Poker table and deals real cards in real-time.

The players can place bets digitally through the on-screen interface, and can even interact with the dealer.

Although other players might be sitting in on the game with you, your adversary will always be the dealer.

This type of poker is favoured, in particular, by players who prefer the authentic casino experience and these days, there are various variants of Poker to choose from. 

Poker Tournaments

Participate in exciting Poker tournaments that hold a series of promising wins and get your chance to win big while having fun!

How long these tournaments last for depends on the casino site and rules, of course!

Live Stream Poker

Live Stream Poker is a more recent phenomenon. Watch other Poker players, both newbies and professionals try out different Poker games at casino sites.

Poker Table
Poker Table

Here you get to have fun interacting with dealers and players alike while watching your favourite streamers play!

A popular platform for this activity is Twitch.

*Did you know?

The very first Poker game in History took place in New Orleans in 1929. According to the English actor Joseph Cowell, the original Poker game had a deck of 20 cards.

3 important tips to know before playing Poker Online

When it comes to playing poker, there are a few important things to bear in mind. 

Here are some of the most important rules to consider when preparing to play a game of Poker. 

1. Master the rules, positions, and poker hands

Let us start with some basic poker rules first. Unlike Blackjack where multiple decks of cards are used, poker online makes use of a single, standard 52-card deck.

On some occasions, one or two Joker cards might be added, commonly referred to as the wild. The game starts when each player is dealt 2 cards while 5 cards are dealt for the centre of the table.

These are referred to as the Community Cards and each player must use 3 of these cards to combine them with his own to form the best 5-card poker hand.  

Poker Hands

The list starts with the strongest hand and continues on to other lesser combinations. 

2. Understand the key concepts of a Poker Strategy

Some of the Poker variants, both off and online, consist of betting rounds such as is the case for Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em, two of the most popular poker variants.

Below are some examples of the strategies that are commonly used in a typical Poker game, as well as the expectation of each player. 

Poker Strategies
Boost your Poker gameplay experience with Poker strategies.

3. Choose the best Online Poker Variants for you

Have a look at our list of Poker variants and make up your mind about which variant suits you best before you delve into the wonderful world of Poker.

*Did you know?
Texas Hold’em is among the most, if not the most, popular Poker variants that you will find online.

Poker Variants

To get a better idea about what Poker variants UK players gravitate towards, here’s a list of some of them: 

Online poker
Online Poker

The game still involves the 5 community cards and each player must use two of those four cards with 3 of the community cards to form the best poker hand possible. 

The winner is usually determined during the showdown, otherwise because everyone else folds. 

Here, the game is played solely against the dealer and requires the player to place a bet before any cards are dealt. The player receives 3 cards face up, while the dealer gets 3 cards face-down.

Before the dealer’s cards are revealed, the player must decide whether to place a second bet that is identical to the first, to fold, or forfeit the game.

If the second bet is placed, the dealer reveals his cards to establish who has the best hand, while if the player folds, the dealer collects the initial stake. 

In Jacks or Better, players are dealt 5 cards, the best of which must be held, while the others are discarded in favour of others which will reach the player’s hands during the second dealing.

The hand that has a Jack or a Queen, King or an Ace wins. 

Online Texas Hold'em
Poker Stat

*Did you know?

Sam Trickett from the UK is recorded to be the biggest Poker winner, winning a whopping $20 million in live tournament winnings. 

How to improve your game

  1. Play when you feel like it

Playing Poker should be fun, but the moment it stops being a fun experience you may become more prone to making decisions driven by your emotions, instead of by logic. 

  1. Learn & Understand the concept of Game Theory Optimal (GTO)

GTO is a strategy in which you will try to optimize every play following mathematical-based models. 

It’s easier said than done, but understanding the basics will greatly improve your skill.

  1. Play less hands and play them aggressively 

New players tend to play way too conservatively, hoping they will stay longer in the game, or too aggressively, throwing off their chips to hop in with every hand. Learning good hand opening and using them to your advantage is an important rule to stick with.

  1. Be patient

Playing aggressively doesn’t mean wasting all your chips away on every single hand hoping for the RNG god to reward you with a Royal Flush at the River. One thing you need to keep in mind is most of the hands dealt won’t be worth playing, it’s all about waiting for the right time.

  1. Analyze your opponents

Take a good look at the other players around the table (online). If you can’t spot the weakest opponent, chances are that you are the fish! It might be wise to find a better table…

  1. Practice for free

Mention that players can practice by playing for free and list a few casinos that offer free online poker games with links. 

  1. Watch streamers to discover new tips

If you’re a particular fan of streaming platforms, you might want to check out the English streamer Ben Sprag, also known as Spraggy, on the Twitch streaming platform. 

Sprag is currently listed as number 1 out of the top 5 most popular Poker streamers on Switch. 

*Did you know?
The UK is one of the poker hotspots in the world, and some of the biggest Poker players who have won amazing winnings happen to be from the UK. 

Playing Poker on your mobile

It’s a relief that you don’t have to sit grounded by your laptop or Desktop to play online casino games these days. 

Now you can play Poker on the go, on either your tablet or a smartphone; whenever, wherever.  

Poker games
Poker Games

The smaller screen on these devices provides players with an HD experience with everything from a live chat to an Auto-bet feature and automatic commands, so you can check or fold during a Poker game. 

Not all online casinos allow for such Poker experiences due to the lack of mobile optimisation, but some of them, like Betsafe, offer apps with Poker variants. 

Popular Poker Table providers

If you are specifically looking for game providers who offer Poker games, you need not look further. Here are a few of the game providers where you can play some wonderful Poker variants:

Frequently asked questions

Poker is a game of skill, and therefore, to improve your chances of winning, you need plenty of practice. We suggest playing free online poker in demo mode at some of our recommended online casinos, in order to improve your skills first, and watching pro players play on Twitch or other channels.
There are different ways to play Poker online. You can join a casino that offers Poker rooms in order to play against other players. Alternatively, you can also play RNG poker against the computer, or try casino poker, where you can play the game against an "in-person" croupier!
There are professional Poker players who earn a living through poker. However, it takes years of practice and a lot of skill to make money by playing online poker. The best way to get started is by joining online poker rooms that are suited to your skills.
Today, you can play Poker games at any live casino. Most online casinos have a couple of poker games, the most popular ones being Live Casino Hold Em, Live Ultimate Texas Hold Em, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

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