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Are you constantly looking for the next best bonus? Or simply struggling to find any decent ones? Then, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a tool to provide you all the information you will need to locate the best bonuses and get more out of your casino player experience.

Before we get started, we just want to make sure you’re familiar with some of the casino terms you’ll come across on this page:  

Casino term: Explanation
RTPReturn to Player (RTP) is, in simple terms, what a player can expect to possibly win from playing certain games in the long run. This information is typically found on slot/game reviews, as well as within slots/games.
Wagering requirementEvery casino site has them! It’s what makes the casino world go round and it’s how much players are expected to play through their bonuses before being able to make a withdrawal. For example, if you have a £100 bonus and the wagering requirement is 40x, you’ll have to reach £4000 before making a withdrawal.
Game ContributionWhen you are playing different games, there is a certain percentage each game contributes to the wagering requirements tied to different bonuses. The lower the percentage, the less likely you are to gain much from playing such a game with a bonus. What you should be aiming for is 100 %.
Wagering CalculatorA tool that calculates a players’ earning potential from casino bonuses, as well as the number of times a player will have to play through their bonuses to withdraw their winnings.
Theoretical Expected OutcomeA Theoretical Expected Outcome is an estimate of what a player can expect to earn from playing games with a bonus. It’s not necessarily right on the money, but it’s an estimate that can come really close to the end result.

Now that we’ve covered some important bonus terms you’ll frequently see on this page, let’s get down to explaining a Bonus Calculator’s mechanics, as well as the benefits of such a tool.

What is a Casino Bonus or Wagering Calculator?

A casino bonus calculator helps you determine things like:

On our page, we aim to teach you all you need to know about how you can pick the best bonuses with the help of our bonus wagering calculators.   

The Free Bonus Money Calculator

What a Free Bonus Money Calculator does is pinpoint how much money you will have to wager in order to meet a casino site’s wagering requirements by calculating the free bonus amount and the wagering requirement attached to it. 

Let’s say you receive a £100 free money bonus and the wagering requirement attached to it is 40x. In order to claim your winnings, you would have to wager the £100 a total of 40 times (10×40), bringing your total to £4000.  

The Free Bonus Money calculator does the maths for you in an instant!

The Deposit Match Calculator

Essentially, what a Deposit Match Calculator does is tell you how much money you have left to play with after you make your deposit and activate your bonus, how much money needs to be wagered, and the theoretical win amount. 

It’s via this calculator that you’ll find out about things like the theoretical win amount on a slot, based on a game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate.

At CasinoHawks there are a number of slots with high RTP rates that are worth checking out.

If the game you are playing doesn’t contribute 100% to the wagering requirements set by a casino site, you can enter the game’s contribution percentage into the Deposit Match Calculator. 

How to use the Casino Bonus Calculator

There are 2 different bonus calculators: the Deposit Bonus Calculator and the Free Bonus Money Calculator. So you choose the first to test a deposit match, and another to see your wagering requirements tied to free bonus money.

Deposit Bonus Calculator

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the bonus calculator above:

  1. Enter the deposit type (deposit or deposit + bonus). 
  1. Input deposit percentage (i.e 100%, 50% etc). 
  1. Enter the game’s RTP rate. This information can be found within any of the game reviews on our site as shown in the following image showcasing information for the Starburst slot by NetEnt.
Our slot reviews contain information about the slots’ RTP rate.
  1. Once all the fields have been filled out, the results should be immediately available. 

*It should be noted that changing the information in the different fields will result in the final outcome also changing. 

Free Bonus Money Calculator

The Free Bonus Money calculator is

  1. Enter the amount of bonus dollars from the casino’s offer.
  2. Enter the wagering requirement.
  3. See results.
Enter your bonus money amount and wagering requirement to see the amount to wager.

Are you a bonus hunter?

If you’re constantly on the lookout for the best bonuses, or welcome bonuses that are likely to put you at an advantage at casino sites you’ve got your eyes set on, you have officially earned the title: Bonus Hunter!

The Casino Calculator will point you in the direction of bonuses that will boost your gameplay experience by a mile.

Why is a Bonus Wagering Calculator important?

A Bonus Calculator helps you understand how to make the most of your bonuses by giving you a theoretical estimate of what you could win while playing with them, as well as what you will have to wager to collect your winnings. 

In essence, a Bonus Calculator is there to help you come across the best bonuses for you so you avoid wasting time on bonuses that don’t meet your criteria.  

Who uses a Casino Bonus Calculator?

Weekend Warriors

If you’re more the type who likes to relax with slots or table games on the weekends, there’s a name for that and that’s Weekend Warrior. 

In some cases, some of the more amazing bonuses at different casino sites tend to be available during the weekend, which means you might prefer to hunt for bonuses once the weekend rolls around.

Table Game Players

If you’re more of the type who gravitates more towards Table Games, you fall in the category of Table Game Players. 

Bonus Calculators are actually extremely useful when it comes to table games like Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games. 

What is the Theoretical Expected Outcome from a casino bonus?

The Theoretical Expected Outcome is calculated taking things like a deposit match amount, wagering requirement, RTP, and game contribution into account. 

Below is an illustration of the Theoretical Expected Outcome of playing with a casino bonus with the following values by a Deposit Bonus calculator: 

The Theoretical Expected Outcome is only an estimate of possible earnings from playing with a bonus based on different values

While the Theoretical Expected Outcome is meant to provide you with an estimate of what you could possibly gain from a bonus, it will not necessarily be the amount you end up gaining, as it could be more or less. 

The above is only a simulated bonus amount example, but the welcome bonus offered to UK players at Casumo is a good example of a casino bonus where you can expect a similar result.

Is the Theoretical Expected Outcome reliable?

As mentioned previously, the Theoretical Expected Outcome is based on the RTP for a game at a casino site, but won’t necessarily be what you end up gaining, as may vary. But, the calculations may come quite close to the amount you eventually end up with. 

What are bonus wagering requirements?

The wagering requirement of a bonus is the amount a casino site expects you to play through your bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

Should you claim a casino bonus tied to a wager?

Wagering requirements are essentially a fraction of how casino sites earn their money. 

Whether you should claim a bonus tied to a wager or not is completely dependent on you. 

Should you ever opt out of a bonus?

Deciding on whether you should opt out of a bonus boils down to the game contribution percentage. In other words, how much a particular game contributes towards the wagering requirement set by a particular casino site.

What you’re aiming at is a 100% game contribution rate, and it is typical of the majority of casino site games to contribute 100% to the wagering requirement. 

The game contribution percentage of particular games is usually found in the terms and conditions at casino sites.

Should you take a bonus if you play blackjack or roulette?

Out of all the games available to play at UK casino sites, table games often have the lowest contribution percentage rate, meaning that it isn’t necessary to claim a bonus if you are considering playing table games like Blackjack and Roulette, which usually have a contribution percentage as low as 20%.  

As previously mentioned, always pay attention to the game percentage of your chosen games to determine whether claiming bonuses is for you or not.


The whole idea behind a Bonus Calculator is to make it easier for players to not only find the best bonuses but also to keep on top of wagering requirements. This way you can figure out how much you could potentially gain from these bonuses. 

Information like RTP, bet type, deposit match, etc, are present to help you determine what bonuses will help enhance your gameplay experience and what bonuses you are unlikely to profit from. 

Not everyone has time to work out how much they need to wager in order to withdraw winnings from a bonus, for example, or how much they can profit from a bonus, and this is what makes a Casino Bonus Calculator all the more useful, as it does the work for you!

Frequently asked questions

The Bonus Calculator helps you understand how many times you must wager a particular bonus to be able to withdraw winnings. This means you won't have to worry about making the calculations yourself.
The Bonus Calculator only bases its calculations on things like a game's RTP, but this doesn't mean that the outcome will be true to a player's experience.
You can use the Bonus Calculator to get an idea of which bonuses would benefit you the most and which bonuses would be a waste of your time.

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