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Crash games are based off of cryptocurrency and stock exchange.

What is a crash game?

Crash games have grown in popularity since being introduced in 2021, and the idea behind the unique form of casino gambling stems from stocks and cryptocurrencies alike.

Just like you’re expected to make rash but at the same time informed decisions when dealing with stocks and cryptocurrencies, you are also expected to be quick-thinking during a Crash game.

How does a crash betting game work?

The thing that makes a Crash game so different from a few other forms of gambling is the fact that it consists of a line that keeps increasing in value until it ends up crashing.

As mentioned earlier, your role as a player is to predict when this will take place and make an informed decision about when to cash out.

How to play a crash game

To make it easier for you to understand how a common Crash game works, we’ve put together some points:

  • Choose a bet
  • Select autoplay and choose your cash-out multiplier
  • Sit back and watch the multiplier increase
  • Opt to cash out when you feel that the multiplier has reached its peak

Why play Crash Game?

Playing a Crash game can be quite invigorating and, in some cases, may lead to a nice payout. It’s certainly a nice way to keep yourself challenged and entertained, and if not only for the potential wins, you should certainly try out the games just for the thrill of it.

Crash Game strategies

Having a strategy in place when you’re playing any kind of casino game is a good idea, as it could increase your chances of landing a sweet payout.

1. Auto Cash-out Strategy

The auto cash-out strategy is considered to be one of the easiest crash game strategies. Choose an automatic cash-out number (ex. 1.5x) and, hopefully, stick with that number while you gather your benefits from the multiplier in the game.

2. Bonuses Strategy

The ‘bonues’ strategy is aimed at being ‘the last man standing’ right before the game goes ‘bust’. In other words, you need to be the last player to cash out before the game comes crashing down. Successfully achieving this will lead to a bonus reward.

3. The Martingale System

You may have heard of the Martingale System from other gambling games like Baccarat. When using the Martingale system, you’re supposed to increase your bet in the next round if you happen to lose one round. If you happen to win, however, then you’ll just have to return to the bet amount you started with.

Crash Game on Mobile

Crash games aren’t solely built to be played and enjoyed on desktop, as they are also tailored to mobile casinos and can be enjoyed on mobile devices.

Are Crash games legal in the UK

As long as the crash games that you decide to play are offered at casino sites licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, it is completely legal and safe to play them.

Are crash games rigged?

Crash games are deemed to be both fair and secure, and you won’t need to worry about the outcome of any gameplay sessions being rigged.

Where to play Crash games

Here are some of the UK casino sites where you will likely find crash games like the Live casino game Cash or Crash:

Frequently asked questions

You can find crash games at a number of different UK casino sites, and SpinYoo, Dream Vegas, and NetBet are only some of the many sites offering crash games to UK players.
When it comes to strategies, there are a number of different strategies utilised in crash games, some of the most common ones are the Auto cash-out Strategy, the Bonuses Strategy, and the Martingale System.
Unfortunately, you can't predict when a crash game is going to crash because the game is based on chance, but you can attempt to use your gut feeling. Of course, implementing a strategy may increase your chances of winning big.