In this review, we’ll take a look at Cash or Crash, the latest live casino game show by Evolution Gaming.

We’ll give you all of the important information like Cash or Crash’s RTP, the game volatility, and how to play Cash or Crash.

Game Name: Cash or Crash Live
Features:Mobile version, Auto-play
Min Bet:0.10
Max Bet:1,000
Top Win:50,000x
Cash or Crash Review | Top UK Casino Game Shows [2024]
Cash or Crash Review | Top UK Casino Game Shows [2024]

Where You Can Play Cash or Crash

There are quite a number of UK online casinos where you might be able to play Cash or Crash, and if you have a browse through our selection of the best online casinos, you may find just the perfect place where you can start your game show adventure!

Cash or Crash mechanics

Cash or Crash is an exciting new blimp-themed game show from Evolution. The aim of the game is to wager your way up the 20 tiered payout ladder to take your winnings sky high.

The game is run by a live casino host who controls a lottery-style bingo machine which is loaded with 28 balls: 19 green, 8 red, and 1 gold ball. 

You have three options before a ball is drawn: take all, take half, or continue.

If a green ball is drawn, you continue up the payout ladder, but if a red ball is drawn, your cash blimp comes crashing down! 

If you get the gold ball, you’ll move a step up the ladder where your potential winnings increase, and you’re protected from the next red ball drawn.

If you do climb up the pay ladder and manage to get a gold ball, you’ll win an impressive 50,000x your bet.

Cash or Crash is a captivating Bingo style game that will keep you coming back for more!

We found the Cash or Crash to be very entertaining and easy to understand.

The casino host guides you flawlessly through the process of betting and playing the game, keeping the excitement mounting as they expertly take you through the draws.

The gameplay is fast-paced, giving you about 20 seconds to place your bets and keeping you on the edge of your seat as the coloured balls are drawn. 

Cash or Crash Symbols & Payouts

The stars of the Cash or Crash game show are the coloured balls, together with the lottery-style ball machine they determine your fate as you attempt to take your winnings up, up and away.

The Symbols

The game revolves around the 28 coloured balls:

Green Ball The blimp moves a level up on the pay ladder and the game moves on to another draw.

Red Ball -The blimp comes crashing down the pay ladder and the game is lost.

Gold Ball If you’re lucky and draw that elusive single gold ball, you continue up the pay ladder, your potential payout increases, and the next red ball drawn is rendered ineffective – you’re safe from crashing that round.


Paytable levelStandard PayoutPayout after the gold ball is drawn

Min/max bet, autoplay option 

The betting range for Cash or Crash is from a minimum of €0.10 (£0.09) to a maximum of €1,000 (£854), making the game accessible to any level of player.

There is a maximum stake of €1,000 (£854) per gaming session as well. 

Cash or Crash has an autoplay option to save your bet size so that you don’t have to keep re-betting each round.

RTP, volatility, hit frequency

Cash or Crash features an optimal RTP of 99.59% although this can range from 94.51%-99.59% depending on your betting decisions, how many balls are left in the tumbler and what colour they are. This is a highly volatile game of chance.

The game features two handy blimps on either side of the pay ladder to show you your odds of hitting either a green or a red ball. 

Jackpot and/or maximum win

The Cash or Crash paytable is extremely generous with a maximum payout of 18,000x your wager.

In the event of a gold ball being drawn, this payout is increased to 50,000x your bet.

The maximum payout is capped at €500,000 (£426,647.50).

Cash or Crash can have you winning big, but watch out for those red balls!

Cash or Crash has such a low minimum bet and easy gameplay that anyone can enjoy the game. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement though and caution is advised as you float up towards those higher pay levels.

The higher up you are, the further your blimp has to crash.

Special Features

There are no special features in Cash or Crash. The game centres around the action of the ball draw, the climb of the blimp up those payout levels and of course the search for that ever-elusive gold ball.

The bonus games

Cash or Crash doesn’t feature any bonus games; the action from the main game itself is more than enough to keep you occupied.

Cash or Crash doesn’t offer bonus games or special features but still delivers on entertainment

While there aren’t a whole lot of extras on offer, the action-packed live game is more than enough on its own. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the draw, waiting for the fall of the balls to seal your gaming fate.

Cash or Crash Graphics & Sound

Cash or Crash is filmed in one of Evolution’s high tech studio settings. Punters familiar with Evolution’s games will recognise the virtual background from the set of  Crazy Times. 

The set design is sleek and professional, designed to make you feel like you’re in the Cash or Crash blimp as it rises through the pay levels. ¨

The background graphics are top-notch, changing seamlessly throughout the rise of the blimp.

Studio setFilmed in an Evolution studio
Optimized for Mobile👍
Special featuresNo

Cash or Crash offers a stimulating gaming experience

Filmed in a professional environment, with fantastic show hosts and amazing background imagery, Cash or Crash brings you into the world of the game show using advanced technology. The game is a completely immersive experience.


We found this game entertaining all-around, with the excitement building from start to finish.

Sometimes the simplest concept can be the most captivating and that is certainly true of Cash or Crash – we’d never have guessed that waiting for balls to be drawn could be so much fun. 

We love that anyone can get in the game with a small wager, but we do advise caution in hanging in there too long: the longer the streak of green balls, the greater the chance of hitting a red so watch out for that volatility!

If you enjoyed Cash or Crash, check out Crazy Time or Dream Catcher, two exciting and immersive game show titles from Evolution.

Frequently asked questions

Cash or Crash gives you the chance to win up to 50,000x your wager to a maximum of €500,000 (£426,647.50).
Cash or Crash is a highly volatile game. The more green balls you get, the greater the odds of drawing a red ball and ending your game. However, the game offers an ideal RTP of 99.59%.
The gameplay is simple. Place your opening bet and then decide whether to Take All, Take Half or Continue with each green ball drawn. Watch out for the red balls and cross your fingers for the gold.

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