Dream Catcher may still be the perfect option for newbies to game shows. The studio set-up will make you feel as if you’re a contestant on a real TV show.

Dream Catcher presents a vast and colourful wheel with 52 segments and two multiplier segments that can increase your win by 2x or 7x.

You must choose a number you think the wheel will land on and place your bet. It’s as simple as that.

The presenter will give a bit of time for new bets to be placed before spinning the next round between every spin. The betting strategy couldn’t be more uncomplicated either. Whatever number you choose is also your odds. If you choose the number 10, your odds are 10/1. If lady luck smiles down on you, you’ll win 11. 

The Dream Catcher RTP rate of 96.58% guarantees you a fair chance of hitting some winning spins. The game offers a maximum winning potential of 40:1 x7 your total wager, which is an excellent reason to get spinning on this fun game.

All you have to do to enjoy Dream Catcher in the United Kingdom is to follow our easy links to your favourite Evolution Game.

Dream Catcher Overview

Game Name:Dream Catcher
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Features:2x and 7x Multipliers
Min Bet:£ 0.10
Max Bet:£ 2,500
Top Win:£500,000

Where to play Dream Catcher from the UK?

Evolution Gaming has a massive following in the UK, and you’ll quickly find an online casino that’s to your liking.

You can browse through our selection of the best online casinos until you find a site with an excellent welcome bonus, sign up online and start playing this entertaining casino game.

What is Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher was the first title in Evolution’s game portfolio of a Money Wheel live game. It created the live game-show to appeal to players who love games of chance, and kept the gameplay as straightforward, simple and colourful as can be.

Evolution makes use of a precision-engineered bespoke wheel built to its exact specifications to ensure an immersive and fair online gaming experience.

The developer is world-renowned for its live casino games and high-quality studio environments. The set created for Dream Catcher will take you on a trip down memory lane to when game shows were all the rage on TV all over the world.

The presenters are friendly and keep you entertained non-stop as you place your bet together with other players from around the globe. The studio is set up with numerous state of the art cameras from various angles to ensure you have a full view of the presenter and the wheel, including close-ups. You couldn’t feel much closer even if you were in the actual studio.

Before the live dealer spins the wheel, he/she will give you enough time to place a bet on the next round. You can bet on whichever number you hope the wheel to land on from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. Once all the bets are placed, they spin the wheel while chatting to you and keeping you entertained. 

If the wheel lands on your number, you win the corresponding payout. If you bet £100 on the number 40, your prize is £4,000 as the odds correlate to the number you wager on, in this case: 40:1. If lady luck is on your side, you could also land the 2x or 7x multiplier and win whopping cash prizes. 

How to play Dream Catcher

You can start by choosing your favourite Evolution Gaming online casino and navigating to the live casino games section on the site. Once you’ve clicked on Dream Catcher, you’ll be redirected to a live game that is being hosted at that moment and streaming from one of the Evolution studios. 

You’ll see at the bottom of your screen when betting opens up for the next round. You choose the number you want to bet on and select your betting size. The live dealer will say ‘”No more bets” when wagering closes for the next spin. 

He/she then spins the wheel as you excitedly cheer on from the comfort of your home. You can place no bets while the game is in-play. Once the round is finished and all winnings distributed to all players you can bet on the next match and have the same fun again.

The dealer will chat to you throughout, and you can communicate with him or her via a live chat feature. It’s a fun and interactive casino game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat every time the wheel starts spinning. The simplicity of Dream Catcher makes it the perfect online casino game to get newbies playing too.

Dream Catcher Payouts

The Dream Catcher odds and payouts are straightforward to remember. The wheel has 52 pieces comprising the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The higher value numbers are more scarce than the lower values. Each number you bet on also indicates your odds of winning. If you bet on the number 5, then your odds are 5:1 for that round. 

There are two additional segments which are the 2x and 7x multipliers. When the marker lands on either of them, all bets remain on the table, and the dealer spins the wheel again. If you win in this spin, your total prize money is multiplied by the previous round’s indicated multiplier segment.

The betting sizes range from £0.10 up to the maximum betting size allowed of £2,500. The top prize money for Dream Catcher is capped at £500,000. There’s indeed a lot at stake in this fun and colourful game.

Dream Catcher Strategy

Although the Dream Catcher game is straightforward, you can apply a few things to obtain the best possible winnings. Seeing that there are various amounts of each number on the wheel, your chances of winning increase if you bet on the best-represented ones. To get the best wheel coverage, you can place bets on the numbers 1, 2 and 20 more than others.

These three digits have a total wheel coverage of 74%. That means if you bet on all three on the same spin, you have a 74% chance of winning. It’s a pretty decent tactic. Keep in mind that it’ll amount to smaller wins than opposed to betting on the 40.

Here are a few more examples of wheel coverage strategies to consider.

Graphics & Sounds

Evolution only uses the most advanced camera technology to show off the bright and colourful studio sets. The money wheel is enormous next to the dealer, and the entire game has a real retro vibe. The dealers are incredibly chatty and make quirky remarks as the wheel spins while you’re biting your nails. 

Throughout the entire game, you’ll hear fast and upbeat music playing in the background that matches the retro vibe perfectly. The whole gaming experience is extremely entertaining and the perfect way to relax after a stressful day.

Other Game Shows to play if you like Dream Catcher

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Evolution also has similar games inspired by Dream Catcher itself. We highly recommend you try out its Crazy Time and Monopoly Live games if you’d like to take the excitement up a notch!


Dream Catcher is one of the games that you should keep close on your screen. Even though it has super simple rules and strategies, it remains exceptionally entertaining. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll find yourself screaming and cheering on the wheel. With its massive payout potential, it’s a definite hit game not to miss.

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