MuchBetter is a newer e-wallet payment method, and as such, isn’t quite as prevalent as other similar services.

However, that’s not to say that it’s difficult to find it as an option with many online casinos or that it’s not worth using. Far from it – it’s a versatile method that’s steadily gaining in popularity.

To help you decide if MuchBetter is the right payment method for you, we’ve created this guide for the best online casinos that accept MuchBetter.

Always Put Safety First!

You can protect your account with device pairing, dynamic security codes and touch ID. All sensitive data is stored in the cloud, and MuchBetter even offers a transaction review system so you can keep tabs on how your account’s being used. 

Many gambling sites also implement Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, which helps protect them and players from unscrupulous behaviour.

Safe MuchBetter casinos also feature well-known licences from organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. 

Lastly, online casinos that accept MuchBetter should have anti-money laundering safeguards in place and incorporate GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This latter option means you have the right to ask a site to remove your data from their records. 

*Did you know?

MuchBetter has won nine awards to date related to its innovative features. One of the most recent is the SBC Award for Payment Solution of the Year 2020, which factors in the service’s security procedures as well as its ease of use. Source: 

How to Use MuchBetter at Online Casinos?

There are many reasons to choose MuchBetter as a payment method, especially if you’re familiar with how other e-wallets work.

One of the most significant advantages to using MuchBetter casinos is that they typically don’t charge fees for using the service and have fast processing times.

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing at a MuchBetter casino?

How to place a deposit and withdraw your winnings using MuchBetter

As MuchBetter casinos require you to use the MuchBetter app for deposits and withdrawals, this can make the process slightly longer than with other payment methods. However, the trade-off is that it’s a very secure option.

*Did you know?

MuchBetter gives you a lot of control over your spending habits. One feature lets the app know whether or not to process a transfer if it exceeds a certain limit. Source:

Solutions to Common Issues When Using MuchBetter at Online Casinos

  1. I can’t withdraw my winnings

This could be to do with the aforementioned MuchBetter account limit. First check the app to see if you’ve exceeded your limit, and if so, raise it and try again. Otherwise, there may be an issue with the casino site itself, so you’ll need to contact its customer service.

  1. I can’t use MuchBetter with my gambling account

Unfortunately, there are still quite a few gambling sites that don’t accept MuchBetter as a payment method. If you don’t see it listed with the online casino you’ve registered with, you can try contacting its support staff to check whether or not it’s a viable option. Otherwise, check out one of our recommended MuchBetter casinos.

  1. I can’t verify my MuchBetter account

MuchBetter incorporates a hefty variety of security measures; more so than most other e-wallets. It may be possible that you need to fulfill an extra security requirement to verify your account.

Or, if you’re trying to enter your phone number on the online casino itself, check that it matches your MuchBetter account phone number.

  1. I can’t change my payment details

Reputable online casinos that accept MuchBetter require players to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. You may need to remove previous payment details first, or otherwise check with a site’s help team.

  1. My MuchBetter account has been blocked

MuchBetter’s wealth of safety measures should protect your account from any suspicious activity. However, it may still happen, in which case you’ll need to contact MuchBetter directly to find out why you can’t use your account. 

If a gambling site has blocked you from using MuchBetter, it may also suspect fraudulent activity. Contact the site’s customer service to find out what the cause could be.

*Did you know?

MuchBetter prides itself on its user experience, and as such has a detailed section of its site dedicated to FAQs if you ever experience problems. [Source:]

Pros and Cons of Using MuchBetter at Online Casinos

MuchBetter does a lot right when it comes to giving customers what they want. This even extends to partnering with online casino Bwin to offer additional incentives to use MuchBetter.

Here are some other advantages, and disadvantages.

Accepted by a selection of reputable gambling sitesNot widely available yet
Stringent security measures make it one of the safest payment options aroundRequires a few extra steps compared to most other payment services
Account limits help you regulate your online spending/gambling
Can be used to unlock welcome bonuses on many gambling sites
Works with multiple currencies, and also incorporates a competitive exchange rate

MuchBetter vs. Other Payment Methods

E-wallets are a popular payment choice for many players, as they usually involve low fees and fast processing times.

MuchBetter also offers these things, but with enhanced user-friendliness and adaptability that means it can be funded from a variety of sources (not just your bank account).

If you’re still not sure if MuchBetter is worth your time, we’ve got all the information you need to make a decision. Here’s how MuchBetter stacks up against other popular payment methods for online casinos.

Instant deposits
Fast withdrawalsxx
Widely availablexx
Low minimum deposit limit
No risk of overspending (only uses the funds available)x
An official partner of reputable betting sitesxxx


While it’s true that online casinos that accept MuchBetter don’t include a few top UK sites, if you use international casino sites you’re more likely to find it in use.

However, as we’ve noted elsewhere in our review, its current lack of availability doesn’t stop MuchBetter from being an excellent e-wallet choice. 

As well as awards from gambling industry-recognised bodies EGR and SBC, MuchBetter has also been recognised for its innovation as a payment system by multiple other companies.

This has led to the company partnering up with a variety of individuals and sites linked with gambling, from Bwin to Netbet and GGPoker Pro player Felipe Ramos. 

Other payment services run rewards schemes, but MuchBetter casinos also often offer special rewards to players who use it as a payment option.

Plus, MuchBetter’s own rewards program gives users a chance to win a €12,500 cash prize

All in all, MuchBetter is a rising star in the e-wallet world. Its security measures put it ahead of many other payment methods, as does the flexibility as to how an account can be funded. The app is free to download and use, and most transactions come with no, or very low, fees.

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