The Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game show was created by Pragmatic Play Live. It was inspired by their popular slot game. This highly volatile live casino game offers an RTP that ranges from 91.59% and 96.83%, wins of up to 20 000x, two bonus games, and multipliers galore. 

Read our full review to learn all about the ins and outs of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game show.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland
Sweet Bonanza Candyland is available to play at a number of different sites for UK casinos

Where you can play Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland at Casumo, where a number of different perks await you. Not only do you get to play this fun and whimsical game, but you also get to bite into a wonderful casino bonus which gives you 100 % up to £25, plus an additional 20 Bonus Spins on a selected game at the casino site.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Mechanics

You’ll see a big wheel when launching the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game. This consists of 54 segments which are split into numbers and bonus rounds like, Sugar Bomb, Candy Drop, etc. 

The game starts by giving you time to place your bets on as many of the six betting possibilities as you please. You can also activate the Sugar Bomb, located to the right of the grid, for 25% of your total stake.

Once the betting time closes, the host spins the wheel. If the pointer stops on one of the segments you bet on, you will win the corresponding prize.

If you placed a bet on a bonus round and the pointer stops on the corresponding segment, you will play the bonus round according to its respective rules.

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game’s mechanics are simple and fun

Pragmatic Play Live has done a great job at giving the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game simple mechanics as this means that you don’t need to be an experienced gambler to enjoy the game.

All you need to do is place your bet and wait for the host to spin the wheel. You’ll find additional features like the Sugar Bomb and staking on bonus rounds, but you don’t need to use these to win prizes. Thumbs up from us!

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Symbols & Payouts

The symbols / wheel

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is a gold wheel with the game’s logo in the middle. There are 54 segments which are split into 48 basic symbols and 6 bonus symbols.

The basic symbols of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game include a banana, grapes, plum, apple. The bonus segments consist of the Candy Drop, Sweet Spins, Sugar Bomb. 


  1. Main Game wheel
Segment on WheelNumber of SegmentsPayout
1 – Banana221:1
2 – Grapes152:1
5 – Plum75:1
10 – Apple410:1
Candy Drop2According to the Bonus Game outcome
Sweet Spins1According to the Bonus Game outcome
Sugar Bomb3According to the Multiplier generated from the range 2x – 10x
In the case of many Sugar Bombs in a row, all their Multipliers are multiplied between them

2. Sugar Spins Bonus Round symbol payouts

High Symbol Paytable
Low Symbol Paytable

Min/max bet, autoplay option

The chips available to place on the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show range between 0.50 and 3000. To begin, place your chip on at least one of the six available options.

You can place multiple chips on one option, or one or many on different ones. You can also click the ‘BET ON ALL’ button during the betting period. This will automatically place your selected stake on each of the six options. 

If you want to place the same bet as the previous game, you can make use of the ‘Reset Button’. This automatically activates the ‘Double Button’ and the ‘Undo Button’, which you may use as you deem fit.

You’ll also see the Sugar Bomb slider to the right of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game. Activating this will increase your stake by 25% and will double the multiplier if the wheel stops on a Sugar Bomb segment.

Should you prefer to sit back and relax, you can opt for the autoplay option. Using this allows you to select the number of rounds you’d like to play using the same stake together with your win and loss limits.

You can watch it go or change your chips during the allocated betting time. If you want to stop this, open the autoplay window and click on the ‘Stop’ button.

RTP, volatility, hit frequency

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show is highly volatile. It’s theoretical RTP ranges between 91.59% and 96.83%. You can check out the game’s history from the menu setting or by looking at the Last Winning Symbols at the bottom of the screen. Sugar Bombs and bonus features will also be displayed there.

You can also view the game’s statistics by selecting the option in the main menu. You can set this to see the stats for the last 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 rounds.

Jackpot and maximum win

The maximum payout on the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show is 19,999:1, which translates to 20,000x your stake. Once this amount is reached, your bet will reset.

The jackpot prize lies within the Candy Drop bonus round. This awards 1,000x the stake you were playing with when the bonus round was activated.

Win up to 20,000x your stake on the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game show’s got a lot going for it. First off, the variety of possible stakes makes it one for every kind of roller. You can even up your Sugar Bomb multipliers, though it will cost you 25% extra.

It sucks that the jackpot prize is only available in one bonus round, but the fact that the base game and the other bonus rounds could potentially reward you with a max win of up to 20 000x makes up for that.

Overall, the bet options, RTP, and other nitty-gritty mechanics the game offers are extremely admirable.

Special Features

Sugar Bomb

When the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game’s wheel stops on this symbol, a random multiplier between 2x and 10x will be allocated. The host spins the wheel again and the multiplier will be applied to the win.

If the wheel stops on a second Sugar Bomb, the new multiplier will be added to the original and the host will spin the wheel again. This continues until the wheel stops on a number segment or a bonus round.

If the Sugar Bomb feature is activated within your original bet, the final multiplier will be doubled.

Multiplier feature
Sugar Bomb Bonus Round activiation

Candy Drop

You’ll qualify for the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game’s Candy Drop bonus round if you place a bet on this segment and the wheel stops on it. The host will take you to a different board which looks like ice cream waffles. This has four rows with additive numbers or multipliers in a sequence of positions. The purple ones represent the Jackpot path, which pays 1,000x your bet (999:1).

The host begins the round by asking you to choose one of three Candies – red, yellow, or blue, which all start off with a 1x multiplier. If you don’t choose one within the given time, one will be randomly assigned to you. The Candies will be dropped one by one in sequence from left to right using the physics of a free fall. They will collect the additive numbers and multipliers from each row as they go along, indicating its path with its colour as it goes alone. 

Your final Sweet Bonanza Candyland game prize will show in your selected Candy. This will be applied to the stake you were using before the round started. If the bonus began after a Sugar Bomb multiplier, this will also be applied to your total win.

Sweet Spins

If you place a bet on the Sweet Spin segment and the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game’s wheel stops there you’ll qualify for this bonus round. The host moves to the slot like screen which consists of a 6×5 grid. 

The reels will start tumbling, which means that winning symbols disappear once they’re paid out to make room for new ones to fall. This feature continues until there are no more winning combinations. 

Special symbols which appear during the Sweet Spins bonus round include:

If this round started after a Sugar Bomb was achieved, the Sugar Bomb multiplier will be applied to the final prize achieved during the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game’s Sweet Spins bonus round.

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is full of surprises

There’s never a dull moment when playing the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game. Pragmatic Play Live has included many special features and bonus rounds to keep things as sweet, starting from the Sugar Bomb.

Everyone loves multipliers, especially when they can reach numbers like 10x and 100x. It’s a shame that the latter only occurs during the Sweet Spins bonus round, though.

Having said that, you can double your multiplier by activating the Sugar Bomb bonus round with your bet. Then there’s the Candy Drop where you can win up to 1,000x your stake by landing the jackpot prize.

The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is definitely one of my favourite live games!

Gameplay action
The Sugar Bomb bonus round in Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Graphics & sound

The studio of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is set up to fit the theme perfectly. The background is made up of marshmallows, lollipops, and other sweet treats. The pastel colours make the golden wheel stand out beautifully.

The background music is mellow and the sound effects include drum rolls and other small sounds which raise adrenaline levels.

Studio setFilmed in a Pragmatic Play Live studio
Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicMellow background music and drum roll sound effects
Special featuresMultipliers, Candy Drop, Sweet Spins, Sugar Bomb …

You’ll have a sweet time on the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game

I think Pragmatic Play Live has designed the studio to look both welcoming and entertaining while keeping that inner child happy.

The background music is chill – not something you’ll get tired of easily as is the case with some other games. The wheel sits in front of a real candyland with lollipops and other sugary treats – a big thumbs up!


The Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show is a great addition to the Pragmatic Play Live catalogue.

The game’s got simple mechanics – place your bet and watch the wheel turn. The bonus rounds are interactive and lucrative, with the Candy Drop offering a jackpot prize of 1,000x and the Sweet Spins bonus dropping several multipliers of up to 100x.

Then there’s the Sugar Bomb which doubles your multipliers. What’s more, possibile stakes range from 0.50 to 3,000.00, which means any kind of roller can enjoy the game.

Check out the Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game show and see for yourself!

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