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Casumo reel races are on! Join, spin and win for the chance to get prizes every 30 minutes and a grand prize of £1,000 every night!

Just play your favourite slots on Casumo casino like you would normally do anyway and collect points and boosters. You will compete with the other players in this fast paced challenge to get the amazing prizes. Get the most points on the leaderboard and the cash prizes will impress you!


How to get points and boosters?

It always feels good to win, but with the Casumo new reel races it feels even better. Every time you win, you will trigger different kinds of bonuses and boosters. With Casumo advanced technology you will be able to keep track not only of your points but also see how your competitors are doing in the race, what games they are playing and how many points they’re collecting. You can also see how much time is left for the race in real time.

  • Standard win gives you 2 points
  • Every time you get 3 wins in a row you get 5 points
  • Get a big win and your account will be topped up with 20 points
  • When you get 2 big wins, you collect 35 points
  • Get Mega win and 100 points are yours

Start playing and winning with Casumo reel races now. The promotion starts on the 13th May and will keep going 24/7 until further notice. You can play on desktop or on mobile; the experience will be smooth and pleasant on any device. Just click Join ad you’re in! You can win free spins every 30 minutes and there are £1,000 grand prizes daily as well.

Casumo casino offers you the best player experience for the races with the ability to track absolutely everything. You can hover over to see how much time is left for the current race. The spin counter will tell you how many spins you have left and you can also track the leaders and see their spins as well.