Casumo casino player hits a massive €2.9 million jackpot

Can you imagine your day when you play a slot and hit it big, winning an enormous multi-million prize?

David from Sweden surely didn't think much of it when the luck gave him big thumbs up one hour after he signed up on Casumo casino and started playing Mega Fortune. He was just trying to avoid boredom and gave the slot a few spins on his mobile, because why not? He and his girlfriend absolutely randomly chose the casino and the game, started clicking around and there it was - an unbelievable €2,971,469.79 jackpot - approximately £2.5 million equivalent.


“It was so unreal", says David, "I got a shiver down my spine as if there was something unbelievable going on, but we just couldn’t understand if we’d won or how much, so I took a screenshot and sent it to my friend.”

David's friend was quick to announce the happy life-changing news. And in a very touching story, it came right on time. According to David, his family had financial struggles for a while, and he was very relieved to find out that now he doesn't have to count every penny anymore. But apart from improving his living conditions and sharing some money with the family, David is planning to live his life as normal as possible. Thumbs up!

Congratulations to the happy winner, it's so rewarding to know that your life can just turn around like that with a little bit of luck.

You can play Mega Fortune now at Casumo Casino. Just click on the link above or banner below. Good luck!