Can you Win More on Slots? Get slot tips from the experts!

Let’s face it: every slot player spins in anticipation of that big win, and when it happens, the thrill is indescribable. It feels awesome to have luck on your side, and we’d all love to win more often. And although we may have no influence on what happens when we press a slot’s spin button, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to win more on slots. We all know that some slots pay out more than others, while certain slots feature better bonus games or jackpots which make them big win slots. This is probably why a lot of gamblers still like to ask questions such as how to win big on slot machines, or keep on searching for slot tips that will help them win more on slots.

In this article, we will share a few slot tricks for those players who would like to gain more control when they play online slots for real money, in the hope that they will have a more rewarding experience in the long run. So if you’ve been losing too much lately, or you’re simply looking for ways to improve your slot strategy, make sure you go through our slot tips below.

A few tricks to winning on slot machines

Online slot machines normally come with a number of features that enhance the game’s potential of paying out big. The aim in most slots is to trigger one of these features so that it will make up for any losses incurred during previous non-winning spins, and to use one’s balance in such a way that would increase the chance of making a profit in the long run. This has led many players to seek different tricks to winning on slot machines. Here are a few slot tips from us to help you get started:

Have a look at the slot RTP - this is one of the most straightforward tips we have. The game RTP is normally published by the slot developer or may be easily found out by consulting online game reviews. Normally the RTP will be in the range of 95%-97%, although there are a few high RTP slots that pay out more than 98%! We would suggest going for those slots with high RTP, whilst keeping in mind that the game RTP is not the only factor that characterizes big win slots.

Make sure that you use your funds wisely so that you can play for longer and have a higher chance of triggering the bonus game. Try a slot with lower bets in the beginning, so that you’ll get a good idea of how often a slot pays out before risking larger amounts, and avoid running out of funds before you trigger the bonus.

Consider volatility. This is another factor to take into account when you're looking for ways to win big on slot machines. Slots of low volatility will give you frequent (but low) payouts, whereas slots of high volatility will normally reward you with very big payouts much less frequently.

One of the tricks is to find a balance between the two, perhaps by choosing a slot of medium to high volatility with a good hit frequency or slot hit rate during the base game (you can do this by consulting the Win Ratio chart in Slot Tracker, which shows you how much you can expect to win during the base game and during the bonus mode). All of this should help you get fairly regular payouts while still having that possibility of securing a massive win.

Claim a good casino bonus - whether it’s a deposit match, free spins, and even no deposit free spins, a bonus can give you bankroll a great boost! You'll find more information about this in our article on how to get extra money to play slots.

Keep track of the highest-paying slots and their bonus averages to identify big win slots. Slot Tracker also allows you to view RTP averages for slots, average bonus frequency, the volatility index and other data to help you find the best slot for you. It will also keep track of your expenses to help you get more control over your gambling.

Finally, finding big win slots to play and stretching your bankroll depends on a combination of factors:  how big your bet sizes are, how profitable is the slot, and its level of risk. If you’re looking for more ways how to win more on slots, Slot Tracker can provide you with all the analytics you need so that you can base your decisions on actual, real-time data. Try it out today to start gambling smarter!

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