Super Spins, Big Spins and Real Spins Guide

What are the Super Spins, Big Spins and Real Spins?

Sometimes when you try out the different online casinos and read about their free spins, things start being a bit confusing. You see all these fancy words - Real Spins, Big Spins, Royal Spins, etc. What does it all supposed to mean? Are they free spins or are they not? Don't worry - we will help you! 

Whether you are a beginner at the casino online gambling, or if you have been playing for a while, you have probably encountered the phenomena of "Real Spins", "Mega Spins", "Super Spins" or even "Monster Spins". Perhaps you wonder what this really is? To answer this question, we have created this small guide to clarify the situation and help you to benefit from all these weird and mysterious massive spins. 

What are the Free Spins, first of all?

Of course, we all know what free spins are, but to go into this guide further we need to distinguish between different types of Free Spins. First of all, there are free spins that come within any given online slot internal game structure, and there are Free Spins that are given to players by casinos to use for particular online slots. These are normally given away as part of the welcome offers, regular promotions, campaigns and tournaments. But the matter of fact is that free spins can be very different in their value, that is why some online casinos come up with their own terminology and start calling them different superior names to indicate the higher worth of their Free Spins.  

What is a Super Spin?

What is a Super Spin? An extra strong free spin, right? Exactly. It's a more valuable and expensive free spin, that's what it is. Let's take Thrills Casino. Their normal Free Spins are normally worth 10p each, but with their welcome bonus package you can get up to £1,500 cash bonus and 20 Super Spins. Super Spins are worth 10x as much - £1 each. Thrills Casino are giving their Super spins to use on the popular Starburst NetEnt slot.

Real Spins and how to use them

Real Spins are not very complicated. This is a unique concept of InstaCasino, and it means that you get Free Spins which are completely free of any wagering requirements. Whereas in 99% of the cases, you have to wager your winnings from bonuses and free spins from x25 to x40 times, RealSpins winnings can be immediately withdrawn without any complications. Play, win and take your profits straight away. What is not to like? You can enjoy Real Spins at InstaCasino by clicking on the link below. In total new players can get up to £100 welcome bonus and 100 Real Spins with their first deposit. But you can also keep earning Real Spins with various InstaCasino campaigns. 

This operator brand has ceased to exist

Get Big Spins at Dunder Casino


Big Spins at Dunder and Betsafe Casino

One of our favourite operators, the cool Dunder Casino, also offers the special spins called Big Spins. Just like the Thrills' Super Spins, these are the extra valuable Free Spins worth £/€1 instead of just a few cents or pennies. As far as we know, Dunder doesn't offer Big Spins with their welcome package, but once you start playing and participating in Dunder promotions and campaigns, you'll have plenty of opportunities to win and earn Big Spins here.  


This operator brand has ceased to exist

Same goes for the Betsafe casino, but this operator does offer both Free Spins (worth 20p each) and Big Spins (worth £1 each) within their welcome bonus package. 

Royal Spins at Royal Panda Casino

If you wish to be treated like a royalty, head over to Royal Panda Casino. Here you will be able to receive a multitude of Free Spins usually worth around 20-25p as well as Royal Spins worth £2 each when you participate in the Royal Panda tournaments, giveaways and other kinds of promotions and special offers. 

This operator brand has ceased to exist

We hope that we have clarified the possible confusion about all sorts or mega, super, big and real spins for you. What is very important to remember, is that when you come across these kinds of special free spins, you need to read the terms and conditions of the particular casino offer very carefully to make sure that you know exactly what you're getting, what it's worth and what kind of terms and conditions including wagering requirements are attached to the Free Spins.