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As you probably have noticed, there are thousands if not tens of thousand slots online for us casino players to enjoy. But how do you get your head around this massive choice? Which slots are worth your time and money, which ones have the best and most lucrative features, which ones have the biggest jackpots and so on?

Here at our experts are spinning the reels of the online slots day in and day out to find the most fun and profitable games that our readers will enjoy.

​Would you like to know which slots have the biggest progressive jackpot and can help you win millions? Click here, and you will find out.

Do you love movies and film-based slots? We have an overview of some of the most impressive cinematographic slots right here.

Marvel Jackpot Slots online


Are you into Marvel comics and franchise films - then read our guide to the best Playtech Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slot series to choose the games that suit you best.

We also have a pretty handy guide for the best NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming slots, which you can read and go straight for the most entertaining and worthwhile games on the market from the best game developers out there.

Best Movie Slots Online


There are a lot more top-slots overviews, guides and articles coming your way including Top-5 comedy slots, Top-5 retro slots, Top-5 horror and even Top-5 vampire slots. In addition to that, you can find handy guides on slots with the lowest house edge and highest RTP rate, slots with the highest volatility and slots with most free spins, most complicated slots and the easiest slots suitable for beginners.