Try new Unibet BetUp app

New Unibet BetUP app is out

Try the brand new In-Play betting Quiz and Win BetUp app from Unibet.

A new exciting app from Unibet is out! With BetUP app you can win big with your predictions of what will happen next in the big sporting events of the week. The app gives you an opportunity to win cash prizes from Unibet’s guaranteed prize pool.


BetUP is a ground-breaking pool-betting game app accessible from your mobile and desktop. Players can score points by predicting events in a live football match and the highest scorers win a share of the prize pool. The more players enter the pool, the more prize pool increases and your chances of winning big grow with it.

It is the industry’s first second screen experience, where you can bet anything from £5 and win thousands. The app is done in a unique quiz style and you need to think fast to get rewarded for you sporting insights. You can always be sure that at least 10 to 30 biggest football matches will be available for betting every week with this cool app.

Watch the Video presentation of BetUp app here

Unibet BetUp - Introduction