Maestro is owned and operated by Mastercard, which created the brand in 1991. It was the first online point-of-sale debit network globally and has since become one of the most widely used debit cards across the UK and abroad.

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The UK Gambling Commission banned using credit cards as a payment method for all UK-based gambling sites. However, debit cards like Maestro are still widely accepted and one of the best and fastest deposit methods to use.

How Do You Use a Maestro Card at Online Casinos?

Since Maestro debit cards are directly linked with your bank account, this means using them as a payment method is both streamlined and commonplace. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best Maestro casinos around, plus deposit/withdrawal fees.

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing at a Maestro casino?

How do you place a deposit and withdraw your winnings using a Maestro card?

Maestro is one of the most accessible payment options to use, as it can be set up quickly and with a minimum of fuss. To use it as a payment method, the following steps are typically required by online casinos that accept Maestro:

Did you know?

As Mastercard operates Maestro, it also uses the same industry-standard 3D Secure process to keep your personal details safe.

Solutions to Common Issues When Using Maestro at Online Casinos

  1. I can’t withdraw my winnings.

If you’re unable to use a Maestro card to withdraw money from an online casino, it’s probably because it’s a prepaid Maestro card. You can use standard Maestro debit cards for withdrawals and deposits, but you can only use prepaid cards to make deposits.

  1. I can’t remove my Maestro card from my account.

All reputable gambling sites require players to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. If you want to change your preferred method and can’t remove Maestro details, we recommend contacting the site’s customer service to check what the issue may be.

  1. I can’t verify my Maestro card.

Since Maestro relies on your verification details, please ensure that you’ve completed these correctly on the site in question. For example, check that you wrote your phone number or address correctly. 

  1. I can’t change my card details.

This may happen because you need to use the same details to make deposits and withdrawals. However, in this case, the issue may lie with your card provider, especially if it’s a new card. Check with your bank to see if it’s been activated.

  1. My Maestro account has been blocked.

If this happens, it could be due to suspected fraudulent activity. All reputable and safe Maestro casinos require account holders not to share their card details with others. So if, for example, you give your Maestro details to your partner so they can sign up to the same site, that’ll appear as a red flag to the casino. Contact the site’s customer service to find out what the cause could be.

Did you know?

Although many online casinos accept prepaid Maestro cards, UK-based players won’t be able to use one if it’s issued by an MSB (Money Service Business), such as the Post Office or Wise (formerly Transferwise). View Source

Pros and Cons of Using Maestro Card at Online Casinos

No payment option is entirely foolproof or available everywhere. However, Maestro comes pretty close in both these regards. Here’s a rundown of its main advantages and disadvantages.

Widely accepted on most online casinosYou can’t use prepaid Maestro cards to make withdrawals
Owned and operated by Mastercard, making it one of the most secure debit cards aroundMaestro debit cards require a lot of personal information to be filled in when registering
Allows for instant depositsSome sites only accept select currencies if you’re a UK player signing up with Maestro
It’s possible to use Maestro to receive welcome bonuses at many casinos
As it’s a debit/prepaid card, you can only spend the money linked to it (which prevents overspending)

Maestro vs. other Payment Methods

Often, whether a particular payment option is right for you comes down to personal preference, brand loyalty, or where you’re located. However, what if a payment option is similar to others? How do you choose between payment methods when there’s apparently little difference? 

We’ve got the answer for you. Or, at least, the information to help you decide. While we heartily recommend Maestro, it may not tick the right boxes for you personally. Check out this table of features available with Maestro and how it stacks up against other popular payment methods.

Instant deposits
Fast withdrawalsxx
Widely availablex
Low minimum deposit limit
No risk of overspending (only uses the funds available)x
Direct payment type(i.e., linked directly to your bank account)xx

Did you know?

There are well over 600 million Maestro cards currently in circulation, and it’s a common payment method in 100 countries. View Source.


Maestro is an excellent choice for most gamblers as it’s widely accepted at hundreds of online casinos. It’s an especially valuable payment option for those serious about responsible gambling, too, as you can only use the funds linked to it (i.e., no chance of going over a credit limit).

Although plenty of online gambling sites offer speedy withdrawal times for many payment methods, the most significant advantage to using Maestro is that the money goes directly into your bank account. With other options, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency, they use a “holding” service that you need to take the money out of, thereby delaying the receipt of your cash even longer.

However, it’s worth reiterating that you can only use Maestro prepaid cards (like similar options such as Paysafecard) to make deposits, not withdrawals. Plus it’s impossible to use it with as many varieties of currency as some other payment methods. 

Lastly, using Maestro comes with the security guarantee of its parent company, Mastercard, making it one of the safest payment methods around. If you’re a UK player or looking to use a UK online casino, Maestro debit is a viable payment method.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. It features industry-standard 3D Secure technology and unique PIN activation codes to help protect your information and transactions. We’ve only recommended safe Maestro casinos.
The best Maestro casinos don’t impose fees or charges when using the card to make deposits or withdrawals. However, it’s always worth checking with your issuer to see if they do.
We can’t guarantee that every single online casino accepts Maestro, but if you’re using one based in the UK, it certainly will. It’s also highly likely you’ll find it as a payment option for many international gambling sites, as Maestro is popular in 100 countries.
Yes. Some online casinos don’t allow bonuses if you use certain e-wallet services or cryptocurrency, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a site that grants bonuses if you use Maestro.

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