Get half-time free spins from Unibet casino

Get half-time and full-time free spins from Unibet casino

During the whole time of EURO Football Championship 2016, Unibet Casino is running a new promotion with an entirely fresh and unique concept of half-time and full-time Free Spins on Starburst slot.

From today on, every time there is a game during EURO Football 2016, you can claim your free spins.

Unibet £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 210 free spins on first deposit.

Get Half-Time Free Spins

You have an opportunity to get 5 Starburst Free Spins during half-time of every EURO Football 2016 game.

All you need to do is open Starburst slot exactly 45 minutes after the start of the game. First 500 players, who open the slot will get 5 free spins each - that's 2,500 free spins given away per game. If you opened Starburst and there are no free spins, then it means you didn't manage to make it to the first 500 lucky players. Good thing that you can try your luck in the next game's half-time interval again and again.

Get Full-Time Free Spins

Another 5 free spins are even easier to get in the Full-Time part of the promotion. If you open Starburst slot exactly after the end of the regular time of 90 minutes, you will get your 5 free spins. There are no player numbers limitations. However, you will need to play Starburst slot on mobile to be eligible for this part fo the promotion. Full-time Free Spins will be available for 30 minutes.

Unibet Casino Bonus

Get Unibet Welcome Bonus


If you haven't registered and played on Unibet Casino yet, now it's a perfect time to do so. Not only you can get daily Starburst free spins with the new promotion but also receive £200 welcome bonus and 50 additional free spins on your first deposit as well. Click on the link below and enjoy your free spins now!

Unibet £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 210 free spins on first deposit.