LeoVegas Eurovision betting odds 2018

Preparations for the biggest song contest in Europe are underway, and we must say that there has been no shortage of predictions and speculations about the final winner! Without a shadow of a doubt, the Eurovision can be a highly entertaining event to bet on, and for this reason we’ve decided to check out the Eurovision betting odds at LeoVegas to help you decide on which country to place your bet.

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How to find the LeoVegas Eurovision betting odds 2018

The Eurovision 2018 betting odds at LeoVegas are easy to consult, and placing your Eurovision bet will only take a few seconds. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Click on the links to LeoVegas casino found on this page.
  • Head over to the website's Sports category.
  • Type ‘Eurovision’ in the search bar (you’ll also find it under the TV & Novelty, Global Category’).
  • View the Eurovision 2018 betting odds by country.
  • Click on the odds of the country you’d like to bet on and fill in the betslip with your desired stake.

LeoVegas displays the lowest odds first, which represent the countries that have emerged as favourites to win the Eurovision 2018. At the moment, the Eurovision 2018 favourite across all betting sites is Israel, and odds on Israel at LeoVegas are set at 7/4 (2.75 in decimal odds). This means that for every £10 you bet on Israel with LeoVegas, you shall get a return of £27.50!

However, it’s important to note that these odds might change from time to time depending on popular opinion and circumstances. Up till a few days ago, Estonia and Bulgaria were thought to be the favourites, in fact, it still looks like Estonia is the second likeliest country to win, according to the LeoVegas Eurovision betting odds. If Israel’s entry continues to gain in popularity, then the Eurovision betting odds on Israel offered across betting sites will be lower, and therefore it may be a good idea to place your bet now, especially if you agree that Israel has a good chance of winning.

It looks like despite the SuRie's powerful entry for the UK, according to the LeoVegas Eurovision betting odds the UK is not at all a favourite, as it’s dropped towards the bottom of the list, with odds of 101.0. This could generate a huge return if you bet on the UK and SuRie does win, but of course it is also quite risky, so make sure you bet an amount which you can afford to lose (something which we recommend you should do in any case).

If you’d like more tips on how to bet on the Eurovision this year, we suggest you have a look at our article on Eurovision 2018 betting odds. Ultimately, whether you decide to place your Eurovision 2018 bet now or later on, just make sure you keep checking our offers and news sections, where we’ll update you about the latest Eurovision betting offers as well as about changes in the odds and markets.

And now, it's time for you to start listening to those entries and to get in the mood for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. We wish you loads of fun, and the best of luck with your bets!

LeoVegas £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 45 free spins on first deposit.