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Interview with Shadowbet Casino - CasinoHawks exclusive

Shadowbet is one of those online casinos that stand out from the rest, where players end up embarking on a unique casino adventure to meet the ancient Ouroboros. The casino's design is sleek and adds a touch of class to the aura of mystery that characterises the entire Shadowbet experience, and its offering seems to justify the good impression you get as soon as you visit this casino. Read our full interview with Shadowbet casino below to learn more about the concepts that drive it forward and to discover what surprises are lurking in the shadows!

This operator brand has ceased to exist

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind ShadowBet?

A: If you would like to define ShadowBet using just a few words it would be Mystery and Uniqueness. We would like players in our casino to expect the unexpected and to experience hours of fun.

Shadowbet casino logo
We are always describing our casino as a secret place run by a mysterious bearded guy called Jack Pot. He is our boss! We wanted the name of our brand to convey the atmosphere and feeling we’re trying to create and here comes the first part of it - "Shadow”.  The word “Bet” is of course associated with sports betting, which is the next step of our development. We're currently working hard to implement everything and to start offering sports betting for our clients at the end of 2018.


Q: If you had to describe ShadowBet Casino in one word, what would that word be?

A: Mystery. Our slogan says “Expect the unexpected”.

Q: What makes ShadowBet so mysterious/secretive? Why did you choose the darker side? There are no candy or joyful creatures, instead only mystery and darkness surround your casino. Why did you choose this particular theme?

A: When it comes to our theme, it had to be consistent with the atmosphere we are trying to create. We want our players to feel comfortable in our casino, to feel as if they're in the shadows, where nobody is watching them, and where they can relax. In the TV spot we have produced lately, we have a normal man who is always elegant and proper in the way he behaves, because he has to be this way in the real world. In ShadowBet he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone else, he can feel free and be himself. That’s why we don’t just have candies or joyful creatures as at every other casino. We want it to be like an Elite Club, where members can feel the thrill and find something special, a secret that's not shared with everybody.

Q: Why should a player choose to play at ShadowBet Casino? What are the three most exciting and unique things about your casino compared to the hundreds of other online casinos?

A: I would say the following:

  • Fantastic and engaging promotions (we had a Ladies Night for example, the first promotion only for Ladies)
  • Unexpected rewards when you level up.
  • Mini-games like Ouroboros (our second game is being developed right now).

Q: According to Wikipedia Ouroboros is an ancient symbol (a dragon eating its own tail). It also represents the infinite cycle of creation and destruction in nature, life and death. Tell us about Ouroboros at ShadowBet. Why did you choose it? How does it work? What is the Ouroboros experience for your players?

A: Exactly, Ouroboros represents an infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, which is the same as losses and winnings at a casino. At one time you’re lucky and hit a big Jackpot and another time you lose. With the Ouroboros game we created a unique registration process. The game was designed and produced only for ShadowBet and it's available to users even before registration. The idea is to give new users an idea of what they can expect at our Casino, omitting the need to go through the registration process first. Players can win free spins and try to double their winnings or lose them.

Discover Shadowbet's Ouroboros game


Ouroboros is also a part of our gamification. Every time you level-up, you get a free round in Ouroboros. Rewards are much more interesting there, and apart from Free Spins we have bonuses and surprises. What I can say is that Ouroboros' success made us create another game, which is already being developed.

Q: Are there any other rewards that players can expect while playing with ShadowBet?

A: Yes, we have special rewards, but we don’t want them to be publicly known. We wouldn’t be as mysterious as we are now, if we reveal all our cards!

Q: Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the concept of gamification. Could you explain what this is and how you integrate it into ShadowBet casino?

A: Gamification creates a system thanks to which the player's loyalty is rewarded, based on his own performance, with his social and personal motivations. It allows him to receive prizes, bonuses and to participte in promotions just for playing at the Casino.

At ShadowBet we decided that players will be rewarded for their loyalty, by introducing the Ouroboros slot-like game. This game is based on level up, but instead of simply adding prizes to the players’ account every time they level up, players are invited to try their luck on the Ouroboros machine. Here they have some fun, so we step up the excitement and engage players to the maximum.

Q: How would you imagine ShadowBet casino to be in, let's say 5 years’ time?

A: I hope that in 5 years’ time we will be the ones who set the trends and others will follow us. We have lot of ideas about how we may take online casino to another level, but it takes time to transform our concepts into a real product. Anyway, ShadowBet will be the place which you will visit instead of going to the cinema!

Q: Tell us about Jack Pot? Who is he and what is his role in the casino? Is he the boss of Ouroboros?

A: Jack Pot is our boss! He is a mysterious bearded guy, not seen by many. He is like James Bond, he has his special missions, but only special agents with 00X can contact him.

Q: How does ShadowBet see the future of iGaming? And how are you preparing yourself for any changes that might happen?

A: First, we expect mobile will take an increasingly bigger share of the market, so we believe the industry will follow this direction. At ShadowBet we're trying to be ready for this.

Secondly, regulations change constantly, becoming stricter. Fortunately, at ShadowBet we try to be as independent as possible from our providers, so we are able to make changes quickly. We have our own IT and development team in-house which allow us to react immediately.

Thirdly, we can see that players are more and more aware about gambling and everything is getting even more transparent. We believe it’s good, and at ShadowBet the only unexpected events are rewards, fun and the mystery behind it, but the rules are simple and transparent.

Q: In this digital era, people like to play on the go. How mobile-friendly is ShadowBet? Do you have a dedicated mobile app?

A: I fully agree that mobile devices are now very important. So, to be as mobile-friendly as possible, we start every project by saying mobile first. Our designers start with a mobile template and after that we create the second one for desktop.

Regarding the mobile App, we don’t have it ready, but it’s on our road map!

Q: Is it true that you don’t need to be a member or to deposit in order to play with ShadowBet?

A: Well, you can start with one Ouroboros round to get a feel of the thrill, or you can play demo games without registering or depositing. However, to benefit from what we offer, you must be a member and register. As we all know, casinos are licensed and regulated companies with very strict requirements and ShadowBet follows all the rules.

Shadowbet casino rewards


Q: ShadowBet implies Sportsbook/Sports Betting. Do you think it will be added as a product in the near future?

A: The answer is “Yes”. From the moment we started to think about the name of our brand, we wanted to have Sports Betting. We expect to start in Q4 of 2018 or Q1 of 2019.

Q: Can you describe your typical player? What do they like the most? Which games are their favourites?

A: Our typical player is between 30 and 50 years old and comes to ShadowBet for fun and entertainment. Users want to relax and to feel the thrill of winning big at the same time. Favourite games differ depending of the market, but there are always classic ones that are played everywhere, such as Starburst, Book of Dead, or Gonzo’s Quest. We are working with most popular game providers and we add new games every week.

Q: Might be a cliché question, but what can we expect from ShadowBet in 2018? Can you reveal any plans or behind-the-scenes secrets?

A: We are still developing new features and improvements, but to give you a little hint, I can say that our players can expect another mini-game like Ouroboros soon. The game will be even more engaging and shall give our users more choices to decide how they want to play.

This operator brand has ceased to exist

It seems like Shadowbet is the perfect casino to hang out if you want to be yourself and relax, all while playing for a chance to keep unlocking more and more surprises! Check it out today by clicking on our links to play the terrific Ouroboros game immediately and get a share of Jack Pot's rewards!