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Bethard launches new NetEnt virtual live casino!

Bethard casino has just partnered up with NetEnt to launch an exclusive virtual casino that goes by the name of Next Level Live! Players who join Bethard can now enjoy a custom-built virtual casino where they can move between three exciting settings while playing on Blackjack and Roulette tables: underwater, volcano and outer space!


Bethard’s Next Level Live casino includes two Blackjack tables, a Roulette table as well as a live Sports Roulette table which displays live football results. All of the tables are managed by real live dealers from NetEnt's studios just like other live casino games, with the only difference being that players will more immersed within a lifelike casino environment thanks to the casino's virtual setup. Players will also be able move from one table to the other without having to return to the lobby, all while enjoying a superior UX thanks to the various camera angles that also allow you to view other tables.

NetEnt’s exclusive virtual casinos are collaborative productions with its partner operators, which allows brands to offer a unique virtual casino environment that fully reflects their brand and identity. 

According to Bjørnar Heggernes, Casino Manager at Bethard, “Next Level Live allows us to have an unprecedented level of product ownership and control and the result is a live casino which is 100 percent Bethard. This authenticity means that players are getting the true and irreplaceable Bethard experience – we are sure our players will love it.”

If you'd like to experience Next Level Live, you can click on the below link which will take you directly to Bethard casino's registration page. Complete the registration process and make your first deposit in a few simple steps and you'll be allowed to step into this superb live casino!