Zlatan Ibrahimovic ambassador for Bethard?

Did Bethard sign an advertising deal with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Swedish sportsbook operator Bethard may have signed an advertising agreement with star football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who shall be ambassador to this betting site, according to online sources. According to the same sources, the footballer shall receive between 80 and 100 SEK, equivalent to approximately £7m to £8.7m for this important role!

Born in 1981, Zlatan is 36 today and approaching the end of his career as an international player. Having won a lot of European major leagues and played with top teams such as Inter, Milan, Barcelona and Man United, it’s hard to deny that being ambassador for a leading betting site could be an exellent way forward – and that this shall also serve to preserve and strengthen Bethard’s position in the online betting industry.

Bethard, however, so far has made no comments about these rumours, so we have to wait and see whether they’re justified. If they are however, we believe Bethard will have taken a great step further in the industry, as people will start associating the brand with this world-famous star.