CasinoHawks interviews High Roller casino at ICE 2018

High Roller casino - A UK online casino which whisks players off on an adventure in its virtual Metrocity, and which promises to offer a casino experience beyond the ordinary. Here at CasinoHawks, we've been intrigued about this casino long before its launch late last year, which is why we were delighted to have the chance to interview Pierrick Leveque, Head of Research and Development at GIG, at ICE 2018 in London last month. 

In our exclusive interview, Alisha asks Pierrick what High Roller casino is all about. By watching our short video, you will learn about the meta experience offered by this casino, and more specifically, about the concept of gamification and how this has been taken to a new level at High Roller casino. Find out how you will be able to create your own avatar and become a "different, better, or meaner version of yourself" by joining High Roller casino, and let the fun begin!

Watch our exclusive interview with Pierrick Leveque from High Roller casino

High Roller casino Interview