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Interview with HighRoller Casino - CasinoHawks exclusive!

HighRoller is one of those casinos whose upcoming launch has kept us on tenderhooks. This is because we knew that the reputable Gaming Innovation Group was about to introduce an innovative casino that takes gamification to a whole new level. This has been achieved thanks to HighRoller’s Metrocity, a virtual ciy that’s been purposely designed to immerse players within a truly unique gaming adventure! Now that HighRoller casino has opened its doors, we were delighted to learn more about it through our exclusive interview with one of this casino’s fictional ‘inhabitants’. Here’s what we found out:

This operator brand has ceased to exist

HighRoller casino - avatar

Q: It took a while between announcing HighRoller and actually launching the casino. What was the main reason for this? Building anticipation?

A: The main reason of course was to provide all the players out there with a great product. It’s better to postpone a launch than to launch a broken product. By having the launch when we did, I believe that we were able to deliver a great and awesome product.

The purpose was twofold. To build anticipation as you say – it’s not every day GIG launches a new brand, and we had to live up to the hype that surrounded the release of Rizk Casino a few years back. Of course, with any ambitious and innovative project, nothing ever ends up exactly as planned, so we had our unavoidable share of last minute twists, turns and delays, which is part and parcel of delivering a strong product. It did take a little bit longer that we anticipated, however it was well worth the wait if the feedback we are getting from our new player base is anything to go by.

Q: What is the most unique feature of HighRoller that makes this brand stand out from the other GiG casino brands?

A: HighRoller has many unique features so it’s hard to pinpoint a specific one. For me it’s primarily the idea of looting coins from other players, and the avatar customization. Both look amazing and do work hand in hand.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since HighRoller’s launch? What has been the players’ feedback so far?

A: Touch wood, the first 6 weeks have validated our assumptions that there is a high demand in the market for a playful, tongue in cheek and uniquely innovative casino. As a business, the fact that an unprecedented number of players who sign up end up making a deposit and engage with the gamified experience is definitely the strongest takeaway so far. Gender and demographics do not seem to affect people’s appetite for play, and that’s very refreshing to see.

Q: What kind of player should this brand appeal to the most?

A: Anyone who likes casino games, social, mobile or casual games. Thanks to its unique gamification, we believe HighRoller is the most playful online casino destination out there.

Q: Is it really for highrollers only or is everyone a highroller here?

A: At a "Highroller" is not necessarily someone who bets big, it is a player who is enthusiastically participating in the experience, engaging regularly but with their own means, whatever these are. To become a Highroller, all you need to do is join the party. Your avatar is your Highroller persona, that brash version of yourself others will learn to hide from when Sting time comes.

Q: Who is the pigeon, does he have a name, and what’s his function?

A: That’s Pidge. Rule number 1 - we do not talk about Pidge. Rule number 2 – We do NOT talk about Pidge…

Q: How does it work with the character pictures? Can anyone get their unique avatar?

A: Yes, as a part of HighRoller's uniqueness, players are attributed their own avatar, which can be customized with the subtlest to craziest looks. We have quite a few players sporting purple afros, techno specs and Borat swimsuit. It’s worth a look. Check the feed at the bottom of the HighRoller homepage.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the Metrocity concept and the whole highroller universe?

A: Well, we thought we would set up the casino in an environment that would allow us to play on the theme of looting, which is a central part of the experience, and also allows us to be tongue in cheek in tone. Because Metrocity is dark and sometimes rough around the edges, the talk is tough but always playful. From a creative writing perspective, it blows open our communication style and angles. We aim to have every single interaction between a player and the brand to be clearly stamped “HighRoller”.

Q: We assume that gamification is the way to go nowadays but do you believe that it’s attractive for all/most casino players or only for a certain type of player?

A: Cindy Lauper said “Girls just want to have fun.” Highroller says “Everyone just wants to have fun”. Look around you, who doesn’t play these days? Several generation of gamers sprang to life thanks for recent technological advances, most notably the rise of the smartphone. Women, men, young or old, wealthy or modest, we all share the same innate desire to be entertained. If the rewards are right, we believe HighRoller creates a stronger emotional connection with the player than your average casino, something that matters a lot more than most businesses have realized as yet.

HighRoller casino_features


Q: Does HighRoller find Bitcoin and other crypto currencies attractive? Any plans to introduce them soon?

A: Not in the immediate future, but it would be foolish for an innovative casino to ignore innovative trends in other sectors. So I would just say watch this space.

Q: Would the concept of Virtual Reality be something to consider for HighRoller casino?

A: Not in the immediate future, but it would be foolish for an innovative casino to ignore innovative trends in other sectors. So I would just say watch this space. (if you read this twice, there is a bug in the Matrix).

Q: Imagine I am a real high roller spending way over €10k a month on online gambling. Would I care and appreciate the Metrocity and its Pigeons?

A: There's no need to imagine, as HighRoller has a surprisingly higher number of big players than expected. They are sticking around and progressing through the districts at lightning speed, and we believe the finely-tuned automated reward system, along with our stable game platform of course, is what keeps them in the game. Having Metrocity and Pidge is the icing on the cake. Who can possibly dislike Pidge?

Q: Which city/country brings you the biggest number of players?

A: Without going into the details, we are experiencing solid growth in the Nordics and the UK, territories with a documented appetite for novelty.

Q: How many active players do you have, if we may ask?

A: You may ask.

Q: What was the biggest jackpot ever won at HighRoller so far?

A: €208K by a lucky Norwegian, during our opening week.

Q: What were the worst players you ever had? We want some funny details, please! And how do you handle complaints in general?

A: So far so good. We’ve only been in operation for a month and a half, no memorable clashes I can think of. The world is full of beautifully odd people - some of them actually work at HighRoller - no doubt we’ll have some funny stories to relate in a few years.

Q: Any exciting plans for HighRoller casino for 2018?

A: You have no idea. Watch this space.

This operator brand has ceased to exist

Needless to say, we really had fun at this interview, and it has made us even more eager to create our own avatar and start looting at HighRoller’s Metrocity ourselves! For this reason, we’ll stop by at HighRoller casino regularly to see what else this brand shall come up with in the coming months, so that we can inform our readers immediately about any special offers and updates. In the meantime, make sure you click on our links to HighRoller casino to start playing today; CasinoHawks wishes you the best of luck and a whale of a time!