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PlayFrank casino: an online casino that's synonymous with fun, populated with cute little mascots to help players unlock more and more rewards as they play. It's also a casino where players can choose which rewards to get, depending on their personal preferences. We've had the pleasure of interviewing this casino to find out what makes it stand out from the rest. So if you're looking for some fun coupled with a huge selection of games and an innovative reward system, keep reading our full interview below to learn what's in it for you!

£ 100 bonus on first deposit 50 bonus spins.
18+ BeGambleAware 18+ | BeGambleAware | t&c Apply | New UK players only. Min deposit £20. Bonus Spins will be credited instantly. Deposits made via Neteller or Skrill are excluded. Wagering requirement of 35x the bonus + deposit amount. 40x wagering requirement on bonus spins.

Q: Who is PlayFrank? And why PlayFrank? Tell us his story.

A: PlayFrank is a fun and adventurous online casino with over 1500 games accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop. Before we get to PlayFrank specifically, you should know that PlayFrank is available in several languages; English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and German. Our online casino is licensed by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Welcome to PlayFrank casino!
PlayFrank implies fair play and being frank: a casino that focuses on players is hard to find.

We see ourselves as an innovative online casino which has taken gamification to the next level. We don’t stop giving out rewards, levels up and daily challenges, and the player has his own choice at PlayFrank. That makes us unique and that is why we built it in the first place. To stand out and to be out of the ordinary. 



Q: The homepage of PlayFrank is (over-)populated by joyful little one-eyed creatures that look a bit like minions. What's the deal with that?

A: To add that special touch and a funny twist to online gaming we created our mascots.  They are there to serve the players; your own little helpers. And you never know where they shall pop up from or what they have in mind. Once you get into the adventure and start playing your favourite games they will definitely lift your spirit with rewards and special effects.

Q: With so many online casinos around, what makes PlayFrank's gaming experience unique? What are the 3 things that are different here and which make your casino stand out from the crowd?

A: Besides all the ‘standard’ online casino features like a chance to play the best online casino games, top game suppliers, safe and secure payment methods, fast withdrawals and different currencies, we like to focus on our own features and offer our players a real and unique gaming experience.

Let me first highlight our goal; to give players a choice when it comes to the rewards they would like to receive and add some fun to their gameplay.

They say ‘life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get’… but what if you have the chance to pick only your favourite ones?

PlayFrank casino - join in the fun

At PlayFrank you have the possibility to choose your favourite rewards thanks to our Leveling system. We created a unique tool which is called ‘Tracks’. Every player starts with the Base Track, which is overloaded with all kinds of rewards and it’s a preview of what’s coming next.

As you level up in the Track, even more Tracks become available, like a Spins Track and a Bonus Track. And this is exactly the part where it becomes interesting for every player! If you prefer to receive free spins, you choose the Spins Tracks to be overloaded with free spins rewards. If bonuses are more your cup of tea, then you choose the Bonus Track. But most importantly; you decide which rewards you would like to receive.

To add a funny twist to the gameplay we also created our Daily Challenges. These small bite-size challenges are fun, quick, easy to achieve and they come with a round of free spins as a reward.

Q: Could you tell us a bit more about the Tracks rewards and why they make this casino so rewarding?

A: I just gave you a little inside information and to be more specific about the Tracks; it’s all about having a choice in online gaming.

Players decide when and how they get rewarded by acquiring experience as they play and level up the custom Tracks. Each level will give you a set of rewards which come in different shapes and sizes, like free spins, bonuses, cashbacks and extra goodies.

Every player starts at the Base Track and it’s filled with Bonuses, Free Spins and weekly deposit rewards.  Players can even see what they get and when they get it. Which makes it transparent and exciting.

All players can view their progress in the menu-bar; we designed a special Track icon for each Track and there’s a level bar around it, just so that they would know far they are in their level. When they click on the Track icon players enter the Track world and it’s even possible to change Tracks on the ‘Change Tracks” page.Just pick the Track which you fancy, and you decide what kind of rewards will be added to your account. It’s unique, fun and brings that exciting touch to your gameplay.

Q: What about the PlayFrank daily challenges? Can you give us an example?

A: We wanted to add some fun for our players and to make the gameplay more fun as well; that’s why we created our Daily Challenges; these are exciting and rewarding bite-size gaming experiences.

There are up to three fresh new challenges available every 24 hours at 00.01GMT; for example, you will have to wager X amount on Starburst and get 10 free spins or get 10 free spins if you get X winning spins on Book of Dead slot.

The first challenge becomes available immediately after you register with PlayFrank. The second and third Daily Challenges will become available simply if you play your favourite games. The progress is visible in the progress bar; this makes it clear when challenges will become available.

Every Challenge that is completed gives players a round of free spins. If you completed 3 challenges, then you will be rewarded with an extra round of free spins. A challenge is easy to achieve and is a way to get free spins on a daily basis.

PlayFrank daily challenges

Q: We're just a few weeks into 2018. What can we expect from PlayFrank casino in this new year? Are there any new and cool plans or promotions in the pipeline that we should know about?

A: In 2018 our focus is to extend the Tracks and Daily Challenges. We introduced these features at the end of 2017 and we’re working on new Tracks and on new features within the Daily Challenges.

We’re also exploring new Rewards, but that’s still a secret! We shall reveal our secrets later this year.

Q: How does PlayFrank see the future of iGaming?

A: The iGaming industry will most likely continue to grow, with more and more local licensing and EU regulations. This will entail some ups and downs, it’s hard to predict what this effectively means for the players, that totally depends on the local regulations.

With so many good options in the online arena, for every jurisdiction, we also think customization is the name of the game. Operators will have to make efforts to stand out from the crowd and one of the best ways to do that is to react to the players' input.

Dynamic and personalized offers based on advanced prediction algorithms, similar to what we see in the ad-market, with Google and Facebook ads etc., is something that we think will happen more and more as the industry develops to catch up with current trends.

Q: In this digital era, people like to play on the go. How mobile friendly is PlayFrank? What about a mobile app?

A: PlayFrank is built on the mobile-first principle. As we saw that the majority of people are playing on mobile we focused on mobile first while redesigning our website. All features are mobile-friendly and easy to access on every device.

Apart from our user-friendly and playful design we use the best online casino game providers. We offer our players over 500 mobile games and Live games. Not only are players more focused on mobile devices, we see that game providers are making this switch as well.

Q: PlayFrank offers more than 1,200 games. Any 'hidden' masterpieces we should know about? What are the most popular games among Frank's players?

A: Our players’ favourte games are the ones by NetEnt, Microgaming and Play N Go. For example, the good old Starburst slot and Book of Dead are immensely popular. But also the new slot Planet Fortune was a popular one, right from the start.

We have a huge selection of slot games and we’re adding new games every week. There’s also a list of new game suppliers we are going to add in the near future. Never a dull moment at PlayFrank.

Q: Are there any plans to introduce PlayFrank's sportsbook anytime soon?

A: Not in the short term, but we’re always exploring other possibilities.

Q: We’d like to know more about the people who are running the show, your managers and employees. What do they like the most about working at PlayFrank? What are the challenges? Tell us more about Frank’s fun office life?

A: Our team consists of different types of people and what our team members like the most is the PlayFrank’ internal structure; a flat organization, transparency, no unnecessary titles. Everyone has his own tasks but is also involved in the entire organization. We’d like to set high goals and to challenge ourselves in our work, but we also invite everyone to enjoy their work and leisure.

That’s why our team meetings come with a good lunch and a bunch of homemade cookies. And we just introduced our first bowling contest. It’s worth mentioning that although there are more men in our team, one of the women won the contest!

Q: PlayFrank symbolizes fun. What would a party at Frank's be like? 

A: Well, the best way how to know what a PlayFrank party looks like is to experience one for yourselves. So, my suggestion is to create an account and join in the fun!

Don’t forget to try the Daily Challenges and select your favourite Tracks, it’s all part of the PlayFrank experience.

£ 100 bonus on first deposit 50 bonus spins.
18+ BeGambleAware 18+ | BeGambleAware | t&c Apply | New UK players only. Min deposit £20. Bonus Spins will be credited instantly. Deposits made via Neteller or Skrill are excluded. Wagering requirement of 35x the bonus + deposit amount. 40x wagering requirement on bonus spins.

Looks like this bunch knows how to have fun while playing casino! Why don't you try your luck at PlayFrank casino yourself, on one of its hundreds of games? Make sure you claim their welcome offer when you sign up and keep getting rewarded for playing, because at PlayFrank casino, the fun never stops!