The game of craps has long been a favourite amongst casino goers. This exciting game keeps you on your toes with its fast pace and nail-biting action. Read on to find out all about what variants you can play in UK casinos and which ones will suit you best.

Craps, in its simplest form, is a game of betting on the outcome of a roll of two dice. Players play against the bank, trying to predict the result of the total on the dice thrown by the shooter.

There are different craps strategies, each posing varying risks and offering different payouts depending on the odds. The rules and betting in a game of craps are pretty complex, and it’s suggested to familiarise yourself with them before attempting to play.

In a real-world game of craps, the craps table is operated by four people, the Stickman, Boxman and two dealers, and can accommodate up to 20 players who will each get a turn to roll the dice. To qualify as a shooter, a player needs to have at least placed a bet to the value of the table minimum on either the Pass or the Don’t Pass line. 

Craps Live from Evolution
Craps Live is a very popular variant of this game offered by leading providers Evolution, which is available at the best online UK casinos.

During a live dealer game such as Craps Live by Evolution, the table is manned by the dealer only. The shooter is replaced by a mechanical arm which varies the speed and strength with which it throws the dice on the shooters’ behalf.

In a game of online craps, there are no personnel. The dice are digitally rendered and the outcome of each throw is the result of RNG, which makes it completely random and fair.

There are many variants of craps available to players in the UK, each with its pros and cons. For this list, we’ll assume that you know the basics of the game and are familiar with the rules and betting.

1. Crapless Craps 

The rules applied to crapless craps are the same as those applied to conventional craps with one essential difference: any total rolled except for a seven establishes a point. So the shooter will either win outright with a roll of a seven or will establish a point; there is no crapping out.

2. High Point Craps 

In a game of high point craps, an opening roll of two or three doesn’t count, and the shooter must roll again to make a higher total. In this variation of the game, rolling an 11 or 12 leads to an automatic win. Anything total lower than 11 and above three will become the Point which the shooter must beat in order to win on their next roll.

3. Simplified Craps 

Simplified craps is nothing more than a simpler version of the conventional game. The shooter bets against the bank and rolls two dice. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or a 12, he wins; if he rolls a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, he loses the bet.

4. Die Rich Craps 

Die Rich Craps is a relatively new variant of the game. The main difference in this version is that it is played with only one die. The die is usually rolled from a die cup, not the player’s hand, and is rolled on a small table for stakes.

5. New York Craps 

The most apparent difference with New York Craps is in the layout of the table. A New York craps table is referred to as a double-end dealer. There is no come or don’t come betting bar, and the game doesn’t allow for place bets. Players can only place their bets on the box numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. 

6. Diceless Craps 

Diceless craps is precise that, a game of craps played without dice but with a deck of cards. The game is played using the cards Ace through Six. These cards will be split into two groups, with even amounts of Ace to Sixes in each pile. Each shuffled pile will represent a die, and players will draw a card from each instead of rolling dice.

7. Craps With Both Cards and Dice 

This variation of craps includes the use of cards and dice to produce a number combination to bet on. The game is played with two decks of cards and two dice. The card decks are not standard and contain 36 cards with dice combinations from 1-1 to 6-6. 

At the round’s start, two cards are selected from the decks, and irregular dice are rolled. The roll of the dice determines which card will be used for the round. 

8. Open Craps, Fading Craps or Money Craps 

This kind of craps is usually run like private craps, with players making bets against the book — or whoever is taking the bets. This type of game is a big-money game and often exceeds the house limits you’d see in most UK casinos. The book takes a percentage of the money wagered, which is referred to as a vigorish.  

9. Scarney Craps 

Developed by gambling expert John Scarne, Scarney Craps was meant to increase the casinos’ profits. There are no Come or Don’t Come bets in this variation, and the house doesn’t get a percentage on the right bets.

10. Low Limit Craps 

Low Limit Craps allows players of all levels to enjoy the game of craps by allowing the lowest possible pay-ins. Players can stick to limits that they are comfortable with in a relatively Low Limits game.

11. High Limit Craps 

A game of High Limit craps has no limit on the maximum bet that a player can play on a single roll. This game is excellent for people with large bankrolls as it allows them to play for potentially massive payouts; however, they can risk significant losses too.

12. Bubble Craps Machines 

Bubble Craps machines are among the newest electronic versions of craps machines to make their way onto casino floors. The game is played using dice in a bubble dome with a vibrating floor. When a player hits the shoot button, the dice are bounced into the air, resulting in a random roll. The bubble machine takes away the need for the usual personnel required for a craps table game.

Craps table

Which Craps Variation Should You Choose? 

Choosing the best craps variation for you is a very personal decision. You must decide whether you enjoy playing a lower or higher-risk game. 

Do you enjoy more straightforward rules, or are you prepared to take the time to learn all the ins and outs? If you’re using a craps betting strategy like the 6/8 Strategy, 3 Point Molly or the Craps Press Strategy, you will need to make sure that it will work with the variant you choose.

Read on to find out which variations offer the best odds and payouts to help you make your choice.

Craps variants with the best odds 

As with any betting game, the different betting options in craps payout at different odds depending on the likelihood of hitting that bet. Likewise, all craps variations come with specific odds as the changes in gameplay can affect the house edge. 

The house edge is essentially the difference between the true odds of you landing a specific roll and the odds that the bank pays you out for a win.  

The craps variants that offer the best odds are: 

Craps VariationBest Odds
Crapless Craps6:1
Simplified Craps5:1
Die Rich Craps4:1

Craps variations that payout the most 

As with most online casino games, the bets that have the highest payouts are the ones that are classified as carrying higher risk. Craps variants with the highest limit will payout more, and variations with the lowest house edge will payout less but more often. Let’s take a look at the variants that payout the most:

High Limit Craps

In a game of high limit craps, you have no limit on how much you can bet on a roll of the dice. There is a low house edge, which means that a game of high limit craps could lead to a really big payout.

High Point Craps

High point craps is generally viewed as being relatively favourable to the player as two numbers are ignored after the come-out roll, and the player can win directly after rolling an 11 or 12.

First Person Craps game

The best craps variations to try when you’re new to casino

Craps is an exciting game to play with lots of action to follow. The game is also quite complex, as you have to keep the rules, bets and odds as you throw the dice. 

If you’re new to online casinos, we recommend trying your hand at a less risky or simpler variant until you have adequately become acquainted with the game. We’d recommend starting with a game of Simplified Craps or Low Limit Craps.

Simplified Craps is far less complex than the conventional game. Payouts are awarded for rolling exact numbers with six winning and five losing numbers. Playing this variant is not likely to get you to understand the game entirely but will expose you to the fast-paced, exciting environment of the craps table.

A game of Low Limit Craps allows you to place very low bets when wagering on a round. Such a low limit allows you to play the game at minimal risk while still learning the ins and outs of the game. First Person Craps by Evolution is one of the many variations of this game that is available at the best online casinos for UK players.

Types of craps to play if you’re a pro 

If you have a good knowledge of the game and have been frequenting your favourite online casino regularly, you’re probably accustomed to the action that comes with other strategy casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack

If you’re a pro online casino player, you’re most likely used to keeping your cool during a high stakes game; we’d recommend you try a game of High Limit Craps or Craps With Both Cards and Dice.

High Limits Craps has no limits on your maximum wager on any given roll, which means that you can implement your strategy in a game with higher stakes and a higher possible payout.

Craps With Both Cards and Dice can be pretty complicated to follow, as it merges the two games of dice and card craps together. This combined game offers winning combinations with odds of up to 500 to 1, which is a decent payout if you can keep a cool head while playing.

Craps variations you should avoid 

You should avoid any variation with a higher-than-usual house edge unless it comes with the genuine possibility of winning big! Two variations we’d steer clear of are: 

Frequently asked questions

Craps variants used to be very area-specific, but with online casinos, you can access most variants in the UK. Most online casinos in the UK will at least feature the original version of the game.
Yes, online UK casinos offer the best crap variations for real money, where players can implement their strategy to win.
Different craps types will have variations of the basic rules of traditional craps, where players bet on the outcome of two dice.

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