Our Craps Live Review examines Evolution Gaming’s first live casino craps game. Keep reading to see what Craps Live offers and which additional features make it noteworthy.

Craps Live Review

Craps Live Game Overview

Game NameCraps Live
ProviderEvolution Gaming
RTP83.33% – 99.17%
FeaturesMy Numbers, Easy Mode, Tutorial and Dynamic Statistics
Min Bet£0.50
Max Bet£1,500
Max Win?

Where to play Craps Live from the UK?

If you visit any online gambling site that features a live casino, there’s a good chance Evolution Gaming provides most, if not all, of the titles in this category. Craps Live is the latest addition to its already impressive portfolio.

Evolution Gaming is particularly common in European online casinos, so if you check out a UK-based site, you can find Craps Live.

What is Craps Live?

Live craps is a casino dice game. It has the same bets but may be played at home. Craps Live has many online-specific features.

Craps Live games feature a live studio broadcast. Dark wood panelling, bare brick walls, and a dynamic statistics board give the area a speakeasy feel. Shooters roll dice at brick-and-mortar casinos. A live dealer triggers a mechanical arm in Craps Live.

Evolution Gaming thought this would prevent players from blaming the dealer for bad throws. Craps Live begins with semi-automating the rolling procedure. Craps Live contains a tutorial because Evolution Gaming included many complex bets (see below). You can ease into the game if you’re new or rusty with the rules.

Craps Live Features

Speaking of which, there’s also an easy mode feature. This changes the live interface to only highlight the easiest-to-understand bets. The downside is that this also makes the betting area on the Craps Live table much smaller. However, once you feel confident enough, you can switch to the normal mode and unlock the full range of wagers.

Undoubtedly the best feature of Craps Live is My Numbers. You’re shown all possible number totals with corresponding payouts, and you can place bets on the table or via the My Numbers interface.

For example, say you bet on both dice totalling 10. You can click on this number, and My Numbers will calculate the win based on your stake. You can also click on a number to highlight all the relevant bet spots on the table, to make a more complex wager.

Cool your jets. It’s not very 1920s, but it sure is handy. You’ll be able to see Popular Bets and Top Numbers as the game progresses and all players place their bets. All of this adds to the excitement of playing Craps Live.

How to Play Craps Live

A round in Craps Live works the same way as regular craps: you have a set amount of time to place a bet, then the dice are rolled, and you either win or lose. Of course, it’s more involved than that, which is what we’ll now look at.

Craps Live has two roll phases in a round: Come Out and Point. You can place bets during each step. When the dice are rolled, an icon on-screen displays either ‘OFF’ (Come Out) or ‘ON’ (Point), with available bets affected by whichever roll it is.

1. You place a bet (or multiple bets) by selecting a chip value (displayed across the bottom of the screen) and then by clicking the relevant part of the on-screen table, with available wagers dependent on whether you’re in Normal or Easy Mode. You can also click the My Numbers display in the bottom right corner to make a bet.

2. The first phase is always the Come Out roll. The main bets for this phase are Don’t Pass (win on 2 or 3) and Pass Line (win on 7 or 11). If the total is 12 and you’ve bet on Don’t Pass, it’s a push (effectively a draw), and your stake’s returned to you.

3. If the dice total 4 to 6, or 8 to 10, you’ll enter the Point phase. The game stays in this phase until either a 7 or the initial Point total (e.g. 6) is rolled. The round then ends, bets are settled, and a new Come Out roll is made.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around whether to place a hardways wager, go for ‘lay’ or ‘take’ odds, make a field bet or something else, don’t worry. You’ll have around 10 – 17 seconds to place bets as the dealer scoops up the dice and resets the throwing arm. 

Plus, you can always double-check the interactive tutorial to brush up on bets and the respective win conditions. 

Craps Live Payouts

Since there are so many possible combinations in Craps Live, the payout odds vary wildly from bet to bet, as shown below:

For one roll wagers, the payout odds are as shown:

Craps Live Evolution

Craps Live

Craps Live Strategy

It’s difficult to say the best betting strategy for Craps Live since luck plays such an essential role in the game. This is reflected in the return to player percentage, which varies from 83.33% – 99.17%.

The highest amount is linked to the Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets, assuming the wager on either equals the Odds bet.

If you’re a new player to Craps Live, the best strategy is to pick the bets that afford a win with a range of numbers (for instance, Field, which pays on a roll of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12).

Most importantly, only wager what you can afford to lose, and quit when you’re ahead.

Graphics & Sounds

Craps Live from Evolution Gaming looks and sounds great. Cool jazz plays during every game, accompanied by subtle crowd ambience, setting the tone and making it feel like you’re part of the action. The studio is suitably swanky with period-appropriate decor and a sharply dressed dealer.

Minimum and maximum wager limits are displayed in the top left corner, with other buttons scattered around the edges for setting a stake amount, your account balance, and so on. You can also chat live with other players, with the dealer often striking up a conversation based on what people are typing. 

Other game shows to play if you like Craps Live

Evolution Gaming also offers a First-Person Craps option, played between you and the computer. As such, it uses an RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure no two games are the same. It also incorporates the tutorial, and My Numbers features from the live version. When you’re ready, you can click a ‘Go Live’ button and join a Craps Live game.

If you’re a fan of live gaming, and have either no game preference or want to try something different, Evolution Gaming has got you covered. From Live Roulette and Blackjack to wheel of fortune-style game shows such as Crazy Time, there’s no shortage of live dealer titles to try your luck on.

Craps Live – our Conclusion

The special features make Craps Live a great online craps variation to try. The betting rules are lengthy and complicated, but a built-in help panel neatly explains everything.

Easy Mode is a boon for new and inexperienced players, and the dynamic statistics could help those with a head for numbers work out favourable betting odds. 

The hosts are all professional and lively, the music and ambience are spot-on, and the screen layout avoids feeling cluttered despite the array of buttons. This makes Craps Live another excellent live dealer title from Evolution Gaming. 

Frequently asked questions

Craps Live is a live dealer version of the popular dice game, Craps. It's played with a live dealer and streamed to players' devices in real time.
Yes, Craps Live can be played on mobile devices as long as the online casino offers mobile compatibility.
Players place bets by selecting the desired chip value and placing them on the designated areas of the virtual table. The dealer will then roll the dice, and the game will proceed according to the standard Craps rules.

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