casino bonus

Casino bonus

What is a casino bonus?

Special offers, discounts, sales, bonuses, free money… Aren’t they the best things ever? Let’s just admit that we all love something free, especially when it comes to the casino and a chance to win something. Win big without spending money. That’s probably the ultimate goal and desire of any gambler in the UK.

If we’re talking about the casino bonuses in particular, there is a great generosity that comes from many online casinos, most of which are ready to reward its players in many different ways. With hundreds of various offers and many kinds of bonuses, the only issue for the players is to choose the best possible bonuses to take advantage of.

We are proud to say that on our website we collect the best bonuses from reliable sources to make life easier for our readers and players. So you are in the right place!

We will guide you through the wide choice of casino bonuses that will help you win cash with minimum spending. Let’s start by looking at different types of bonuses offered by popular casinos on the market.

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Different casino bonuses

Here are the most common and universally loved types of bonuses that you will find in many online casinos in the UK.

• Welcome or sign up bonus

• First deposit Casino Bonus

• Reload bonus (loyalty bonus)

• No deposit casino bonus

• Free cash or bonus money

• Free Spins

• Wager free casino bonuses

• Cashback

Mobile casino bonuses

Let’s have a closer look to see what kind of bonus you might use today.

Welcome bonus

Welcome casino bonus is the first and most basic type of bonus you can get. This type is also very often called a sign-up bonus and often comes as a reward for simply registering on the casino website without any depositing.

Some people find it hard to believe that a casino would offer a bonus for just that, but it is extremely important for any casino to get the contact details of the players. That’s why they are ready to be quite generous in exchange for that precious information.

Maria Casino £ 200 bonus
40 freespins

InstaCasino £ 1 000 bonus
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Wager free spins

Welcome bonus as the name suggests can only be used once when you sign up on the website or download the software/app of the casino. The good thing is that sky is the limit here as you can basically register on hundreds of casino websites and use their bonuses constantly.

Look out for the most generous sing-up bonuses that are worth your while – below you will find the best welcome bonuses available from our carefully selected casinos online.

The welcome bonus also often comes in a form of a first deposit bonus where the amount you deposit is matched by the casino and added to your account. We will talk about the deposit bonuses in just a few moments.

First deposit casino bonus

Another way to welcome a new player on the casino website is giving a first deposit bonus. This type of bonus is offered by practically every single casino on the market. The bonus normally is 100% matching the amount of the first deposit but up to a certain amount of money anywhere from a £100 to £500.

Casumo £ 1 200 bonus
200 freespins

LeoVegas £ 1 500 bonus
120 freespins

With competition getting tougher every day, there are some casinos that also offer much more than 100% match. With proper research, you might find up to 300-400% bonus on your first deposit and often some free spins are thrown in there for good measure.

Reload bonus

Reload bonus to simply put it is the same as a deposit bonus for loyal customers. That’s why it’s also often called a loyalty bonus. Unlike first deposit bonus which very often is matching 100% or even gives you more extra cash than you have deposited, with reload bonuses the matching percentages are usually lower.

Mr Smith Casino £ 200 bonus

Reload bonuses can be openly advertised on the casino websites or offered to players in personalised emails or targeted SMS campaigns. Be sure to stay tuned for the news and updates from the casinos of your choice. Sometimes it’s even worth emailing your favourite casino support team before making a substantial deposit and asking if any reload bonus codes are currently available.

No deposit casino bonus

No deposit casino bonus is a type of welcome bonus when generous casino owners offer you a free go at their slots. This bonus is something we all like very much.

Playing for free for providing your contact details is a great way of trying out a variety of casinos and particular slots that you might not be yet familiar with. With no deposit casino bonus, you get the experience without any risk of losing your hard earned cash.

The offers can vary a lot so check the possibilities carefully to get the most value of free casino money or free-spins.

Paddy Power £ 510 bonus

Ladbrokes £ 500 bonus

Free cash or bonus money

Free cash bonus is very similar to no deposit casino bonus – this is essentially free money or play chips that you can use in the casino to try your luck and get acquainted with the game selection. The main difference here is that these types of free cash bonuses will often have a strict time limit.

Sometimes a casino will give you only 24 hours to play with the bonus money, and if not used, the cash will get invalid. If you’ve got time on your hands and ready for some serious gameplay, we highly recommend using these kinds of bonuses to your advantage.

bgo £ 1 500 bonus
200 freespins

Unibet £ 200 bonus
200 freespins

Free spins

Free Spins are probably the most popular and well-loved type of bonus out there, particularly among the slot machine players. Free spins can be given to players for a variety of reasons, whether that to attract new customers or give existing customers an opportunity to try some newly launched slots.

Free Spins can be a part of the casino welcome bonus or the deposit bonus, as well as reload loyalty bonuses. You can get anywhere from 10 to hundreds free spins on a particular slot with some casinos. Other casinos are also offering big spins that are free spins of much higher value, allowing players to win bigger amounts.

Mr Green £ 100 bonus
100 freespins

No deposit free spins are often offered to the new players and we definitely suggest you taking advantage of it, but be prepared that the number of free spins won’t be extremely high. If you wish to get a large number of free spins you might want to make at least one deposit with the casino of your choice.

Wager free casino bonus

Wagering – the word we all hate but just have to live with if we want to continue using a lot of our favourite casino bonuses. Many casinos have quite high wagering requirements anywhere from x 20 to x 80 times. When winning any money from free spins more often than not, you will have to play them over and over again to be able to finally cash out on your winnings.

It is understandable that casinos need to put these terms and conditions in place to be profitable and not lose money by giving all those bonuses and special offers, but for us players life would be so much better if we didn’t have to think about playing our money an endless number of times.

But there is some fantastic news for us as well! Lately, more and more casinos are offering wager free bonuses like free spins in order to beat the competition. Below we listed the juicy offers from our chosen casinos where you can get free spins that don't require any wagering at all! Yes, you heard us right – these offers are popping here and there and we make sure to list them all for you to play and enjoy.


Ok, let’s get real for a minute – we all know that the life of a casino player is not all roses and all of us lose every now and again. To make it up to you there are at least some opportunities to get some lost money back. That’s why most casinos are offering part of the played and lost money in the form of cashback.

The percentage can be calculated from the played and/or lost money depending on the particular offer and often comes in a form of a percentage up to a certain amount.

We all love to play and none of us likes to lose but be sure to always use the cashback offers for the maximum return on your money.

Check our preferred casino cashback offers below.

bet365 £ 100 bonus

William Hill £ 310 bonus

Casino bonus on mobile

With hundreds of thousands of players in the UK using mobile to play casino on the go, we are seeing more and more specific mobile casino bonuses. These are the bonuses that are offered to mobile users in particular.

Most self-respected casinos have their games adapted to suit any mobile device and provide excellent gameplay, graphics and convenience on handheld devices.

Watch out for the particularly interesting special offers from the casinos in your inbox or with the push notification or just check our mobile offers section for the best selection of mobile casino bonuses.

Casumo £ 1 200 bonus
200 freespins

How to get a casino bonus?

Check regularly and you will always be able to find all the bonuses that your heart desires. All offers are updated daily, so you can be sure that you are only dealing with the relevant information, exclusive deals and the most trustworthy casinos that are out there. If you’re not in the mood to spend a lot of money but still want to play, we guarantee that you will find the most suitable bonus for your needs. Good luck!

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