Vera & John promises players more surprises and guaranteed wins every day

Casinohawks meets Vera&John @ Sigma 2016


Have you heard that very recently Vera & John casino paid out an incredible guaranteed win of €70,000 to a single casino winner? This is a clear example that once again proves that Vera & John's promise of guaranteed profits is more than just words.

Every day guaranteed wins

"We are promising every day, a certain amount will be won in a single spin", says Managing Director Johan König Lehner in an interview with

This November attended one of the largest European Conferences SIGMA in Malta to make new contacts and catch up with our trustworthy casino partners in iGaming. Our host Alisha also took some time to chat with a casino that despite its relatively short history has already become a familiar face to many players - Vera & John. With their unusual bright blue and pink design and vast game selection, Vera & John is a casino that stands out from the crowd.

"We welcome both male and female and have something for everyone".

But who are really Vera & John? This question has probably occurred to any player familiar with this brand. According to Johan, they whoever you would like them to be, fictional characters that anyone can associate with.

Johan König Lehner mentions in our interview the main reasons why the players should open an account at Vera & John. First of all, it comes down to the great experience added entertainment, additional thrills and add-ons that improve your time spent at the casino.


Loyalty and trust

The second reason is their exceptional loyalty program and guaranteed wins.

"The guaranteed win is a concept we have which is in our mission statement, promising big wins. So we are promising every day, a certain amount will be won in a single spin and if not we will top that up to whatever we have as guaranty at that point and also a monthly guarantee" - Johan explained to

Another key component of Vera & John's success is trust. The casino has been around for 6 years and has shown everyone that they are a trusted casino partner, where money is being won and will be won in the future.