Jackpot Raiders

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Fancy a new progressive jackpot game? What about 5 progressive jackpots in one game?

Jackpot Raiders

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20 Paylines
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Jackpot Raiders

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Jackpot Raiders review

Hop on board a ship for an adventure across stunning locations with Yggdrasil, and become a Jackpot Raider!

In our review of Jackpot Raiders slot, we’ll give you an overview of the features and rewards you can expect as you open treasure chests to collect maps, gems, and other prizes!

Brace yourself, calling this game feature-packed is an understatement, but we’ll do our best to explain how it all works!

Jackpot Raiders slot features

Jackpot Raiders is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines, featuring colourful reels set against the backdrop of a ship’s cabin. Symbols include the typical hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades, designed with a treasure trail inside, backpacks, a hat, Captain Bear and Sam the explorer.

The latter is the most lucrative symbol in the game, which pays out 200x the stake for a 5 symbol combination.

There is no wild symbol in Jackpot Raiders slot, but you’ve got the scatter, and 2 of these will give you access to the Pick & Click feature, while 3 of them will send you straight into the free spins!

Jackpot Raiders slot Yggdrasil

If you get 2 scatters and trigger Pick & Click feature, you get to choose one of 5 chests to win one of the following:

  • 1, 2 or 4 times the stake
  • 10 Jackpot Free Spins
  • Access to the Treasure Hunt Bonus
  • 1 random Map for your Map collection.

Above the reels in Jackpot Raiders slot, you’ll notice the minimum amounts of 5 progressive jackpots displayed as follows (from left to right):

  • Forgotten Jackpot – £40
  • Rare Jackpot – £200
  • Mythical Jackpot – £600
  • Ancient Jackpot – £1,500
  • Legendary Jackpot – £15,000

In order to win any of these jackpots, players have to collect the corresponding gems in the Jackpot Raiders slot free spins feature, which we’ll explain below.

Jackpot Raider slot free spins and bonus features

If you land on 3 or more scatters as you play Jackpot Raiders, you will trigger the Compass feature, which will grant you automatic access to the 10 Jackpot Free Spins, plus a bonus prize if you land more than 3 scatters:

  • 3 scatters – players will get the compass and entry into the free spins
  • 4 scatters- players get the compass plus 50x their stake
  • 5 scatters – players will get the compass plus 500x their stake!
Jackpot Raiders free spins

As the free spins are played out, you will start collecting gems for each corresponding jackpot.

If you manage to collect 5 gems of the same colour, you will win the respective jackpot! What’s more, all wins during the Jackpot Free spins will also come with a 3x multiplier!

Jackpot Raiders slot Treasure Hunt Bonus feature

If you land on just 2 scatters in the base game, you will enter the Pick & Click feature instead, and still have the possibility of getting into the Jackpot Free Spins if you pick the corresponding treasure chest. Alternatively, you may also win one of the below prizes:

  • 1, 2 or 4 times the stake
  • Entry to the Treasure Hunt Bonus
  • 1 random Map for the Map Collection

With regard to the Map collection, players will be on a mission to collect 5 different maps in Jackpot Raider slot – The Summit Shrine Map, the Jungle Ruins Map, the Highland Gate Map, the desert Tomb Map and the Templar Grave Map, each of which corresponds to one specific reel.

Players can fill up each collection by landing 5 identical Maps, and when they do, they also get 10 Jackpot free spins, starting with a gem for the corresponding reel’s jackpot collection.

In the Treasure Hunt Bonus feature, players need to choose whether to assume the character of Sam or Bear.

Sam will lead to better rewards when she opens a treasure chest, but she’s more likely to fail the mission! Bear, on the other hand, will give you smaller prizes that come with a higher likelihood!

Then, players will also need to pick a route, each of which comes with three levels of risk: Safe, Risky and Very Risky – with corresponding rewards, of course! In fact, the chests can contain one of the following:

  • a cash prize of between 50 and 1800 coins
  • a random map towards the Free Spins collection
  • a relic for the Sunken City Free Spins

All these options give players some degree of control over the volatility in this bonus feature, which we think is quite cool!

Jackpot Raiders slot features

Once you choose your character, you will have 3 chances to cross the river to open a chest.

Once you open a chest, you move up a level (there are 3 levels in total), and of course, each level comes with higher rewards!

What’s more, if you manage to collect 5 relics in the Treasure Hunt Bonus feature, you’ll get access to the Sunken City Free spins, with 10 free spins!

All wins will get a 10x multiplier applied in this highly rewarding round, and you’ll also start the round with 1 gem towards each jackpot, making it more likely to win one of these 5 jackpots!

Jackpot Raiders slot bonus

Wow, this must be the most feature-packed game we’ve reviewed in months! But don’t let this put you off, it really is not as complex as it sounds!

And if you’d like to play Jackpot Raiders slot with a bonus first, you can always claim a deposit match bonus from the best online casinos that offer slots by Yggdrasil.

Check out the ones we’ve recommended above, all of which will give you a percentage of your first deposit in bonus funds:

Jackpot Raiders slot min/max bets, RTP, volatility and jackpots

You can already play Jackpot Raiders slot at a UK online casino by staking from 20p to £40 on each spin.

The slot has an RTP of 96.3% and volatility is medium to high. If you’re lucky with the free spins and hit the Legendary Jackpot, you can win up to 4,100 times your stake from this thrilling game!

Jackpot Raiders slot graphics and sound

If you love fantasy-themed slots and stunning scenery that’s quite reminiscent of Narnia and Lord of The Rings, then you’ll love the look and feel of Jackpot Raiders slot!

Once you hit one of the features, you’ll be transported to a different location as you progress on your adventure, and the soundtrack will reflect the action, ensuring that you’ll stay alert and ready for the excitement that awaits!

Jackpot Raiders slot – our Conclusion

Admittedly, Jackpot Raiders may not be for everyone – if you’re after a straightforward slot, we’d say you should definitely go for something else.

However, we can’t help but admire Yggdrasil for coming up with such a complex game, and we believe that it will appeal to a lot of players with a sense of adventure!

The hit frequency and win potential are great, and the graphics simply stunning!

If you like the sound of it, try Jackpot Raiders slot at your favourite online casino, or choose a new casino from the ones we recommend on this page to get your welcome bonus!

Jackpot Raiders


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