Family Guy

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Join the crazy Griffin family in this IGT Family Guy slot based on the popular TV show - enjoy bonuses and free spins features!

Family Guy

3 Number of rows
50 Minimum stake
30 Paylines
5 Wheels


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Family Guy

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Family Guy review

The Griffins family has been around on our TV screens for a while now since the Family Guy adult cartoon’s first release in 1999.

Either you are a big fan of the show in the past or present or never watched the comedy at all, you’ll probably enjoy the slot of the same theme released in 2015 by IGT gaming.

It has so many bonus features and the widest variety of betting options, that anyone can play it with pleasure.

Let’s check the games features, bonuses and possible winnings as well as best online casinos where you can play it now and get an additional welcome bonus as well.

Family Guy slot features

The slot game is set against the original cartoon background and features the whole Griffin family and familiar objects loved by them as the slot symbols.

So there is, of course, the stupid dad Peter Griffin (who openly farts in this slot, just a word of warning!), mum Lois, the world dominator baby Stewie, their dog Brian, as well as Meg, Joe, Cleveland and Glenn Quagmire.

You will also encounter other symbols like the giant chicken, TV, ray gun, a bottle of Ale and even the teddy bear Rupert.

Family Guy logo is the highest paying symbol and also a wild symbol that substitutes most symbols in this slot game. If you manage to score 5 logos at the same time, your line bet will be multiplied by whopping 500 times!

There are also a few additional features for different Griffin family members. Peter’s feature will award you a random cash prize from x200 to x5,000 times your line bet.

Stewie’s feature gives you up to 3 wild symbols on any reel. Lois’ feature adds additional prizes, and Brian’s feature gives you the opportunity to trigger the World bonus feature with only 1 bonus symbol.

The ‘”World Bonus’” symbol that only pops up on the 3 middle reels will award you the bonus games, which there are three. So if you manage to get the 3 World Bonus symbols you will be able to choose an extra game from the following:

The Chicken Fight Bonus

Select a fighter for yourself – either Peter or the Giant Chicken.

After three rounds of fighting with up to 7 picks granted for each round, you will receive a sack full of multipliers that will be awarded to you if you are a winner after the 3 fights.

The Drunken Clam Bonus:

Play Family Guy slot on Mr Smith CasinoSelect one character from Cleveland, Peter, Quagmire or Joe, who will fall drunk on their face and help you win a bonus from x25 to x1,000 multiplier.

Later on, you can also choose from a few different beer taps to further increase the multiplier.

And if you’re super-lucky tap will show ‘Win All’ and you get all the value of all taps. You can play this game until your chosen character is completely drunk and unconscious.

Family Guy slot Free spins

The Family Guy slot also has the free spins functionality, and the feature is called Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus.

With this feature you can get awarded 10 free spins and if you manage to score a Quagmire ‘Giggity Retriggity’ symbol during the free spins round it will also give 5 more additional free spins.

Family Guy slot min/max bets, jackpot and volatility

The average return to player varies on the family guy slot from 92.50% to 96.05%. It is a medium volatility slot that offers a huge range of bets with the minimum bet of 50p and a maximum bet of £2,500. Remember that you can win a massive £2,500,000 jackpot here as well.

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Family Guy slot bonus

Play Family Guy slot right now and get a massive casino welcome bonus and loads of free spins in addition to that as well.

Above you can find the best selection of the biggest and juiciest bonuses that online casinos in the UK are offering right now.

No need to go digging for bonuses in the right casino, we’ve done it for you already.

Family Guy slot graphics and sounds

Obviously, since the slot is based on a famous TV comedy, all the graphics and sounds are done in exactly the same way as the cartoon itself.

So all the characters are easily recognisable in their look and behaviour, and you will expect to see many familiar objects and symbols from the original production.

The quality is amazing, and the variety of characters and symbols is quite impressive as well.

Family Guy slot – our conclusion

If you’re a fan of this American sitcom, there is no doubt you will enjoy the Family Guy slot tremendously.

But even if you never watched the cartoon or don’t like it, there is still hope. The game is so highly entertaining and packed with unusual features, bonuses, wilds, multipliers and free spins that it will keep you constantly entertained.

The possibility of winnings is huge, and the range of bets is probably one of the widest we’ve ever seen, so there is gaming room for players of all budgets and wagering styles for sure.

Just give it a try and we promise, you won’t regret it!

Family Guy


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