PokerStars And PokerPower Join Forces to Launch Poker Women’s Bootcamp

Elevate Your Poker Game: Join the PokerStars x PokerPower Women’s Bootcamp!

The PokerStars x PokerPower Women’s Bootcamp is returning thanks to a collaboration between the UK’s PokerStars and Ireland’s leading poker site, PokerPower. The competition is geared towards women players in an effort to grow the game and encourage more people to try it.

PokerStars And PokerPower Join Forces to Launch Poker Women's Bootcamp
  • Date: July 31st to September 28th
  • Modules: 8 modules covering various aspects of poker, including strategic decision-making and negotiation skills
  • Practice: Participants can apply their newly acquired skills in PokerStars Home Games
  • Showdown: Finalists will compete in a crescendo tournament for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to EPT Cyprus in October and potentially EPT Prague in December

Director of Partnerships, Public Relations, and Consumer Engagement Rebecca McAdam Willetts spoke enthusiastically about the upcoming event, underlining their dedication to making an impact and getting more women involved in poker. Erin Lydon, President of PokerPower, highlighted PokerStars’ and PokerPower’s mutual support for women in poker and the organization’s mission to provide women with lifelong learning opportunities through poker.

Applications for the Bootcamp are currently open, with expert instructors from Poker Power and PokerStars Ambassadors providing support and advice. Additional tools like the PokerStar Learn platform are available 24/7 for participants to enhance their skills at their own pace.

More than half of the women surveyed by PokerStars UK believe poker is out of their reach. However, 42% of women play regularly and acknowledge the sport’s positive effects on enhancing concentration, focus, and decision-making.

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