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Casino TermDefinition
21+3 A side bet in Blackjack that makes use of the player’s initial two cards and the dealer’s up card, which combine to form a three-card poker hand.
243 Ways to WinThere are no paylines on these kinds of slots. There is no necessity for the symbols to be arranged in a specific order on adjacent reels.
3D Video SlotsSlots with the most powerful graphics and a wide variety of animations and special effects. 
3 Reel SlotThere are only three rotating reels in the traditional slot setup.
5 Reel SlotFive-reel slots are now commonplace both in brick-and-mortar casinos and on the internet.
86’dNo Blackjack player wants to hear ’86’d’, as this means that you are being removed from the casino property.
10 Count Strategy10 count strategy is a card counting strategy in Blackjack where players keep track of the odds of receiving a 10-value card. The higher the count reaches, the better the chance of landing a 10.


Casino terms starting with the letter ‘A’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
ABC PokerPlaying poker “by the book”, basic poker playing style
AceAn Ace in blackjack can have a value of both 1 or 11.
Aces (Craps)Betting that the next roll will be a 2. 
Ace RichThere is a term called Ace Rich when the deck or “shoe” has dealt few or no aces. This increases the expectation that one or more aces will appear.
Active PaylineBets are put on paylines. You can select your paylines in some slots while others have predetermined ones.
Action (Poker)The activity happening within that round of betting. For example, raising, folding, etc.
Action (Baccarat)This refers to the total amount of money that a player will wager during one gambling session. It can also be used to describe a specific bet or wager during a game.
AdvantageIn blackjack, the casino is said to have an advantage over the player, which is a statistical theoretical edge that is expressed as a percentage of the wager. Card counting in blackjack can shift the advantage towards the player.
Advantage PlayerA Blackjack player who uses a strategy to gain a mathematical edge or advantage over the casino.
AnchormanOn a Blackjack table, the anchorman is the last player to act before the dealer, and they are usually seated closest to the dealer’s right.
Any CrapsAny Craps refers to a bet where the player wagers that the outcome of the next roll will either be 2, 3, or 12.
All-in (Poker/Roulette)When a player wagers all of their chips on one hand. Here, a player will state, “I’m all in,” and place all their previously unwagered chips into the pot.
American RouletteA Roulette version with two zero pockets, a “0” and a “00,” as well as the numbers 1-36 included. In comparison to European roulette, the house has a bigger advantage in American Roulette.
AnteA minimum amount asked of each player at the start of a betting round. This amount is required regardless if the player is participating in the round or not.
AutospinAllows slot players to set a predetermined number of spins under a stake level. Favoured by those who play online.


Find casino terms starting with the letter ‘B’ in the table below: 

Casino TermDefinition
Back CountingBack counting or ‘wonging’ is a system of counting cards from behind the table when you’re a spectator.
BaccaratBaccarat is named after the worst possible hand in the game, where either the bank or a player have a total of 0.
BackdoorWhen a player makes a hand with the last two cards dealt. This play is often unintentional.
Back OffMost casinos employ a policy where they ask players to ‘Back Off’ from playing Blackjack or limit bets placed. This does not constitute an outright ban from the casino, but is an initial step in that direction.
BarredSome players can be permanently barred from a casino property, particularly if they are card counters and have already been 86’d.
Bad beatAn expression used in poker when a player with a strong hand loses to a player with a weak hand by mere chance or luck of the deal.
Balanced CountA balanced count is a card counting system where the sum of the negative cards is equal to the sum of positive cards. If the running count at the end of the full deck is equal to zero, it is known as a ‘Balanced Count’.
BancoBanco is a Spanish word that translates to ‘Bank’. This refers to the dealer during a game of Baccarat. Players bet against the dealer by calling ‘Banco’.
Banker BetThe Banker Bet has the best house edge out of all possible bets in Baccarat, with odds being very close to 1:1.
BanqueA French variant of Baccarat that is played on two tables. The Banker sits in the middle and plays with one hand against two hands on each side.
BankrollThe amount of money that a player has allocated to play casino games with.
Basic StrategyA ‘Basic Strategy’ is said to be the best strategy for playing Blackjack. It allows players to make the most profitable decisions on their hands, by taking into account the other cards present in hand and in the dealer’s hand.
Bet (General)The amount of money that is wagered on a slot spin, a card game hand or any other outcome of a casino game.
Bet (Poker)When a player places a wager on their hand by using their poker chips.
Bet BehindSome Blackjack games, such as Live dealer Blackjack, have the option to gamble on other players’ hands. This is a type of ‘side bet’ that is common when tables are full and which adds large multiplayer scalability.
Bet CorrelationBet correlation is the relationship between card point values and the effect of removal of cards in a game of Blackjack. It is used as a tool to predict how well a card counting system predicts good betting situations.
Bet SpreadBet Spread is defined as the amount of the maximum and minimum bets that a player can make during a game of Blackjack. A 1-5 bet spread refers to a betting strategy of minimum of 1 unit per hand and a maximum of 5 units per hand.
Betting SystemPlayers will use betting systems or strategies in blackjack to effectively manage and increase their bankroll. There are many types of systems, based on either negative or positive progressions. Two of the most popular betting systems are Paroli and Parlay.
Big BlindA forced wager that must be made by the player who is seated in the second position of the round according to action.
Big PlayerThe Big Player is the member of a card counting team who make big bets when counting is favorable during a game of Blackjack. They depend on ‘spotters’ to call them in.
Black BookEvery Brick and Mortar casino, as well as online casinos, has a black book, a list of players banned from playing Blackjack.
Black Chip (Blackjack)A $100 Chip
BlackjackBlackjack is not only the name of one of the most popular casino card games, but it also refers to the perfect hand of this game – an Ace and a 10 or picture card for a combined value of 21. When dealers hit a Blackjack it results in an automatic win against the players. When a player hits Blackjack, they land a win of 3:2.
Block Bet Covering a section of the roulette betting area with a large number of numbers.
Bluff / BluffingWhen a player pretends to have a better hand than they do to entice the other player(s) to fold.
Bottom PairA term used when one of the two hole cards matches the bottom card on the board.
Brown/Chocolate Chip (Blackjack)A $5000 Chip. 
BoxA Blackjack table has a box in front of the player where their bets are placed.
Burn Card (Blackjack)Prior to any card being dealt, the dealer places the first card to one side and face down. This is known as the ‘burn card’, and is designed to make it impossible for the first player to know what the first card is going to be.
BustA player’s hand going ‘bust’ means it’s a losing hand, or goes over the hand total of 21.
Bust CardThe singular card in Blackjack that results in either the player or the dealer’s hand going bust.
Bust ItA type of blackjack side bet that is sometimes also called ‘Buster’ or ‘Bust bonus’, which covers the scenario when the dealer busts with three cards or more.
ButtonA token that identifies the player who will be playing from the dealer position. The button helps determine which player(s) are the blinds.
Buy a PayThe highest prizes on some slots are only available if you wager a particular amount. To compete for the grand prize, one must purchase the right to do so. See buying a feature in comparison.
Buy a FeaturePayouts are similar in that they allow players to access restricted features in some slot games.

Below you’ll find definitions of casino terms beginning with the letter ‘C’. 

Casino TermDefinition
Card Counting (Blackjack)Some players use card counting as a strategy to keep mental track of the value of the cards dealt in order to potentially establish what and when the remaining cards may appear to the player.
CharlieCharlie’ or ‘Six Card Charlie’ is a rule in Blackjack that covers a scenario in which a player reaches a certain number of cards (usually 5 or 7) without going bust. This leads to an automatic win.
Chip Down (Blackjack)This occurs when players decrease their bet from what was wagered in the previous hand.
Chip Up (Blackjack)Players can chip up or increase their bet from their previous hand.
Call / CallingWhen a player matches the last wager made. *NOTE* You must call in order to raise.
Cash OutAt the end of a gaming session, players can withdraw their winnings by cashing out. This consists of converting credits won into real money.
Check RaiseWhen a player checks the previous wager and then raises within the same round of bets.
CheckAn action a player can use to not place a wager when it is their turn. This action can only be used if there have been no previous wagers or raises in the round.
ChipsChips are tokens used by players to place their wagers. Each chip represents a valued denomination in currency. Different coloured chips hold different values.
Classic SlotsThree-reel, one-payline slots are the most common. Retro slots, as they’re sometimes called, are still very popular, and there are a slew of them available online.
CSMCSM is an acronym of ‘Continuous Shuffling Machine’, a tool used by some casinos to keep their card decks consistently shuffled to prevent card counting.
Coin SlotFor the time being, a coin-operated slot It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find slot machines with this type of theme.
Community CardsCommunity cards are cards that are dealt face up and used by all players in a game of Blackjack.
Cold DeckSome Blackjack shoe boxes are said to contain ‘cold decks’ when they are constantly spewing out bad cards that lead to significant losses.
Colour Up When playing at a Blackjack table, some players may ask the dealer to convert some low denomination chips into higher ones. As these are generally more colourful, this is called ‘colouring up’.
CounterfeitCounterfeiting is when a player’s hand isn’t improved by the community cards, making it more difficult for them to hold the best hand in the round.
Crazy 7A side bet in blackjack where players bet that other players will get trip 7s on their first three cards, where a suited Three of a Kind is the best possible outcome.
CutOnce a deck of cards is shuffled, it is split or cut before it is dealt.
Cut CardWhen playing Blackjack at a Brick and Mortar casino, dealers will use a plastic card to cut the deck of cards.

All definitions of casino terms beginning with the letter ‘B’ are listed below.

Casino TermDefinition
D9When playing Blackjack at a land-based casino, dealers will use a plastic card to cut the deck of cards.
DA9When a player doubles down on any two cards.
DAS When a player doubles after a split, or doubles down after a hand is split.
DealerThe person in charge of dealing the cards and managing an entire game of Blackjack.
Dealer Pair A type of Blackjack side bet that pays out when the dealer gets a mixed, colour, or suited pair, with the return varying depending on which type of pair is landed. 
Dealer PeekIn cases where the dealer’s Up card is an Ace or a 10, they can peek to check for Blackjack.
DeckA standard 52-card deck is used in Blackjack, with some casinos often shuffling and utilising more than one card deck. 
Deck Penetration Deck penetration is the percentage of cards that are played out of an entire deck or shoe before reshuffling.
DenominationCasino credits or coins come in a variety of denominations or values.
DiscardsIn Blackjack, cards that have been dealt are referred to as discards. These are placed to one side until a new ‘shoe’ (where cards in a game of Blackjack are placed to help the dealer deal cards quicker) is requested, after which discards are reshuffled and reused.
Discards TrayThe dealer will place dealt cards into a discard tray located on the table.
Double Down Deck penetration is the percentage of cards that are played out of an entire deck or shoe before reshuffling.
DrawA player can draw or request another card to be dealt to them.

The list below should contain definitions for casino terms beginning with the letter ‘E’. 

Casino TermDefinition
Early SurrenderA player can announce an early surrender in blackjack after receiving only two cards. This happens especially when the player has a natural hand and the dealer has an Ace up card.
Even MoneyBlackjack players have the option to take a 1:1 payout on their bet if they have blackjack and if the dealer has an Ace.
Expected ValueThe Expected Value refers to the statistical amount that any given time period is worth. In reality, results rarely equal the player’s expected value in the short term. However, given enough time the actual results do inevitably catch up with the Expected Value.


Listed below are definitions for casino terms starting with the letter ‘F’. 

Casino TermDefinition
Face Card‘Face Card’ refers to the Jack, Queen, or King, in a deck of cards.
FeatureThe best online casino games come with a variety of bonus features that generally improve over gameplay and also add more potential winnings.
FibonacciAfter a loss, you increase your bets in an attempt to recoup some of the money you’ve lost.
First Base Players that sit on the dealer’s far left are sat at First Base, and they will always receive the first hand.
Flat BetFlat bets occur when players bet the same amount of money on each successive hand.
FlopThe first three community cards placed on the table face-up by the dealer. This action is performed after the initial round of placing wagers. After the flop, another action round of wagering will take place.
FoldWhen a player gives up on a round and forfeits their wagers in the pot.
FoulA hand determined by the dealer as one that cannot be played in this round. A player with a foul hand cannot win any portion of the pot of that round.
Free CardA free card occurs when a player does not have to wager more during the action round before the dealer plays the next card.
French RouletteEuropean Roulette with the possibility of La Partage and En Prison.


Find all the definitions for casino terms beginning with the letter ‘G’ below. 

Casino TermDefinition
George (Roulette)To bet heavily on other players.
Green Chip (Blackjack)A $25 chip.
Green PocketsSlots zero and two on a Roulette wheel, respectively.

Every casino term starting with the letter ‘H’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Hammer a MachinePlaying the same slot again in an attempt to win a progressive jackpot or get on a winning streak is known as “repetition.”
Hand The cards dealt to players during one round of Baccarat.
Hard HandA hand in Blackjack that does not contain an Ace is referred to as a ‘Hard Hand’ as it can only have on total value. A Hard 17 occurs with a 10 and a 7, while a Hard 16 occurs with a 10, a 5 and an Ace.
Hard TotalA ‘Hard Total’ in blackjack is the total of any number of cards in a hand that counts Aces as 1.
Hard Way Four, six, eight, or ten are the only numbers that may be bet on in Craps and it only pays out if two dice reveal the same number.
Hi – Lo/Hi-Low (Blackjack) Hi-Lo is a card counting system that is noted as being one of the best available. It employs the basic principle of card counting, by assigning negative, positive, or zero point value of the cards in the deck.
Hi – Lo (Craps) A single roll wager for 2 or 12.
Hi-Low-Yo (Craps) Two, 11, or 12 on a single roll bet. 
High or LowAn equal-to-one wager on either all low numbers (1-18) or all high numbers (19-36) with the same odds (19-36). One-to-one odds. 
High Point CrapsCraps with an interesting twist, where the numbers 2 and 3 are completely ignored.
Hit (Blackjack)Refers to drawing a card.
Hit (Slots)Every successful combination in a slot is a ‘hit’ because you ‘struck’ a winning combination.
Hit and RunAt land-based casinos, this is a common strategy employed by slot players. A few spins on a slot is all it takes for you to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.
Hit 17(H17)A specific rule in blackjack where the dealer takes a hit when they have a soft 17.
Hole CardThe Hole Card is the face down card that the dealer receives during the initial deal. 
Hot 3A side bet in Infinite Blackjack by Evolution that is similar to Lucky Lucky, where the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s ‘up card’ and win for the total points of 19 or 21.
House A casino hosting casino games or tournaments is referred to as the ‘House’.
House EdgeCasino games have a ‘House Edge’, which refers to the expected advantage that the casino has in a game. In Blackjack, the House Edge is generally set a bit over 1%.
Hopper A receptacle holding coins that can be withdrawn from land-based slots. Although it is no longer used in most modern computers, it can be sound in older models.
Horn BetBet that the dice will roll two, three, eleven, or twelve on the next roll of the dice.

All casino terms beginning with the letter ‘I’ are listed in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Index (Blackjack)When card counting, the Index refers to the integers indicated in the Deviations chart for Stand 17 or Hit 17, which are used to determine whether a player should deviate from their basic strategy. If the True count is equal to the Index, the deviation should proceed.
Inside BetInside Roulette bets are the bets placed on the numbers within the Roulette wheel. These bets have lower odds of winning, but their payout is high. 
Inside Number (Craps)Four digits are mentioned in this passage.
Insurance A side bet in Blackjack that is only offered when the dealer has an Ace. This has a payout of 2:1 if the dealer gets Blackjack.
i-SlotA bonus game in which you may store your progress and pick up where you left off later on in the game is known as a save and resume slot game.
Insurance CorrelationInsurance Correlation refers to the relationship between a strategy’s card tag values and the value of cards in insurance situations.


In the table below, you’’ find casino terms starting with the letter ‘J’. 

Casino TermDefinition
Jackpot (Poker)When a player wins a substantial amount of money while playing, it is often referred to as “hitting the jackpot.”

The table below contains casino terms starting with ‘K’. 

Casino TermDefinition
KThere are currently no definitions of casino terms starting with the letter ‘K’ available.


All casino terms beginning with the letter ‘L’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
La Grande A French term for ‘The Big One’, which describes the best possible hand in Baccarat which is a natural sum of 9.
La Partage (Roulette)Rule that all even-money bets are instantly split into two and half your original wager is repaid if the ball lands in zero immediately splits. Even-money wagers now have a house advantage of just 1.35 percent. 
La PetiteThis is the second-best hand in Baccarat which tallies to a natural eight, and translates from French to ‘The Little One’.
Late Surrender Players announce a late surrender when the dealer has checked for Blackjack. When this happens, no further decisions can be taken at the cost of half the initial stake placed.
Lay BetA lay bet is a type of Craps bet in which a player bets that a 7 will be rolled before the point is reached.
LayoutEach Baccarat table has a special layout that clearly highlights a series of bones where players can place their bets on either the Player, Banker, or a Tie.
Level (Blackjack)A strategy level refers to the number of different values assigned to cards. Level 2 and 3 counting strategies are noted as being more efficient but more difficult to employ. Other level counting strategies such as 4 & 5 also exist.
Lightning Roulette Players can enjoy the thrill of conventional Roulette with the extra bonus of increasing their earnings in a new twist on the game. Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are generated at random, giving players more opportunities to win (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x). 
Line BetWhat you’re willing to risk per payline. In the case of a 10-payline slot, your line bet is £1 if you’re wagering £10.
Line Bet (Roulette)With a 16 percent probability of winning, a wager on six numbers and two lines of three numbers on the betting grid pays out 5:1.
Linked Progressive JackpotA progressive jackpot slot network that connects many casinos. As more and more people place wagers on any of the linked progressive slots, the prize amount grows larger.
Little Joe (Craps) Point 4. 
Loss Bet (Baccarat)Any bet made against the banker is known as a loss bet, as these carry a higher House Edge.
Lucky LuckyA side bet in Blackjack that utilises the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. Various winning combinations using these three cards can be made, such as a suited 7s to a total of 19, each with different payouts.

Below, you’ll find casino terms beginning with the letter ‘M’. 

Casino TermDefinition
Marker (Roulette)The device that the croupier uses to mark the winning number after each spin.
Maximum BetThe maximum bet you may make on a slot, using the highest coin value and all active paylines. Playing all potential paylines is generally recommended as a slot strategy.
MegabucksA well-known brand of Las Vegas slots with the largest land-based progressive jackpot network. While Mega Moolah is the Guinness World Record holder for the greatest online win, Megabucks slots are the uncontested kings of land-based jackpots.
Mini BaccaratAmerican Baccarat can be played on smaller ‘mini baccarat’ tables where gameplay is often more relaxed and much faster. Mini baccarat tables are limited to around 7 players and is the preferred choice for those that have an average bankroll size and are looking for tables with reasonable limits.
Minimum BetThe smallest amount of money you can wager on a game. A single payline or placing the minimal line wager on all paylines are examples of situations when this strategy can be used. Minimum bets allow for the most amount of spins possible on a budget.
Mini RouletteA smaller wheel with only 13 digits is available as an alternative (0-12).
Monkey (Blackjack)A Monkey card has a value of 10.
Monster Roll (Craps)There are two types of monster rolls: those that run longer than twenty minutes, and those in which everyone wins a lot of money.
Muck (Baccarat) This is the discard pile where all used cards are deposited, including hands that have been folded.
MuckerThe use of an additional croupier at a Roulette table during peak hours.
Multi-deckA majority of Blackjack games use multi-decks, which range from 6 to 8 decks at a time.
Multi-LineSlots with several paylines. Paylines on modern video slots are frequently many. You can have fixed or changeable (selectable) lines depending on whether you may choose how many are active.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘N’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
N0N-zero is the theoretical number of rounds in Blackjack that are needed to overcome 2/3rds of the variance and hit a goal of being ahead by one standard deviation.
NDAS (Blackjack)Some players can opt to ‘No Double’ After Split (NDAS).
Natural/21 (Blackjack)A ‘Natural 21’ or ‘Natural’ is an alternative name for a hand of Blackjack, with a payout of around 3:2.
Natural (Baccarat)When a player has the best hand possible in any point of the game.
Natural (Craps)The comeout roll is either a 7 or an 11.
Negative ProgressionNegative Progression is a Blackjack strategy that sees players increasing the amount of their wagers after suffering a loss. This is aimed at recouping losses and winning small amounts of profit regularly.
New York CrapsBank Craps in the Eastern United States, The Bahamas, and England is a popular variation of the game Bank Craps utilizes a different table and structure, referred to as a double-end dealer.
On the other hand, betting on a 9/rolling a total of 9.
No Hole CardEuropean casinos make use of a ‘No Hole Card’, which is the dealer’s second card that is not drawn until the players have played their hands.
No Limit (Poker)When players can wager as much as they would like on a game.
NudgeA bonus feature that would allow you to change the position of the slot reels. However, it is more common in online slots than in UK fruit machines.
Nuts/The NutsWhen a player has the best hand possible at any point of a Poker game.


Below you’ll find definitions of casino terms beginning with the letter ‘O’. 

Casino TermDefinition
One-Armed Bandit Name for slots in the past. Classic slots with levers are often associated with this term.
Orphans (Roulette)On the wheel, a wager on six, 34, and 17 is possible.
Off-SuitedWhen cards are of different suits, they are ‘off-suited’. The suits are Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs. 
Omaha A Poker variation that involves each player receiving four face-down cards and playing with five community cards. Players attempt to make the best hand possible by using two of their face-down cards to go with three of the community cards on the table.
Online SlotSlot games have been going online with great success since 1994. The earliest online slots were just computerized reproductions of popular land-based games, but the industry took off quickly, and the great majority of slot games are now available online. To discover more, please visit our slot database.
Out (Poker)Out refers to the number of cards that remain in the deck that can improve a player’s hand or help them obtain ‘nuts’ (the best possible hand).
OutrunOutrun or ‘outdraw’ refers to when a player draws a better hand than their opponent(s).
Over-Pair When a player has a pocket pair that is higher than any of the community cards on the table.
OvercardA player’s hole card that ranks higher than any of the community cards on the table.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘P’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
ParlayLet your winnings ride on the next stake, known as a parlay, in Craps.
Pass (Craps)
If a point has been established before a seven is rolled, or a seven or eleven is rolled on the come out roll, a pass bet wins. This is the same as the pass bet and the pass line bet. The house edge on the pass bet is just 1.41 percent, making it a popular wager.
Payback PercentageReturn to Player (RTP) is sometimes referred to as the Payback Percentage.
Pay OffWhen a player calls the final round of wagering in a game of Poker, even if they are unsure they hold the best hand.
Pink Chip (Blackjack)A $2.50 chip.
PitMost casinos have an exclusive section for VIPs or high-rollers to play Baccarat with higher stakes than regular Baccarat tables.
Place Bet (Craps)Dice gamble that a specific dice roll will occur before a roll of 7.
Player Bet
The Player Bet is one of the three main bets in Baccarat games, and it is the one with the second best house edge at close to 1:1. Wagers are placed for the Player’s hand to win.
Play the BoardWhen a player chooses to play their hand by predominantly using the community cards on the table due to their hand being lower than the cards displayed.
Ploppy A Ploppy is a slang term for a terrible Blackjack player, coined by Frank Scoblete.
Point It is mandatory for the Craps shooter to roll a point on the come out roll if they roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 on the first roll.
PotThe recorded amount of chips/tokens wagered in a round of Poker. The pot is measured in total currency being wagered.
Pot Limit (Poker)When the game’s maximum wager allowed is equal to the current total of the pot.
Pre Flop (Poker)The initial round of wagering that happens before the flop.
Primary JackpotThe most money you can win on a slot is called a ‘Primary Jackpot’.
Positive Progression Positive Progression is a Blackjack strategy that sees players increasing their bets after landing a win. This is aimed at maximising profits during winning streaks and reducing losses when things run cold.
Progressive JackpotThere are no fixed jackpots in progressive jackpot games. In the main game, the RTP of progressive jackpot slots is often lower because each bet goes toward establishing a growing progressive prize. If the slot is linked to a progressive network, then all games contribute to the common jackpot, which is the largest payout in slot gaming.
Prop BetsA single-roll wager in a game of Craps is known as a prop bet. You either win or lose based on the next roll.
Punto (Baccarat)Punto is a term derived from punter, and is used to describe the player.
Push There are cases in Baccarat where bets are neither winning nor losing, so they are classified as push bets. The amounts wagered by players are ‘pushed’ and returned.

Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘Q’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Quads (Poker)When a player has four of a kind.
Quarter betSimilar to the Corner Bet.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘R’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Raise (Blackjack)When a player increases the previous bet made.
Rake (Blackjack)A set amount of the total pot taken by the House as compensation for hosting the game.
Rakeback (Blackjack)When a percentage of the rake is returned to the player, usually via a promotional offer from the casino.
Red Chip (Blackjack) A $5 chip
Resplit (BlackjackA hand can be ‘resplit’ following an initial split.
Return to Player RateThe Return to Player (RTP) is a term that is used to describe the percentage of all the wagered money an online casino game such as a slot machine will pay back to players over time. 
Risk of Ruin (Blackjack)The mathematical chance of a player losing their entire bankroll is known as the risk of ruin.
River (Blackjack)The community card dealt after the “turn.” This is the final community card shown by the dealer. Afterwards, another round of wagering will take place before the “showdown.”
Roulette Chip (Blackjack)Roulette chips are the currency utilised in the game. In general, they are unmarked and come in a single denomination.
RoundA full game of Blackjack is a round that starts with no cards on the table when the player’s bets are placed. The round ends when hands have been played through and when bets have been paid out. 
RSAResplit Aces (RSA).
Running Count (Blackjack)During card counting, the running count refers to the total value of the count at any given time, be it positive or negative. This is the overall total used to calculate the true count.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘S’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Side Bet A side bet is a type of bet in Blackjack that is made apart from the player’s main bet. In order to make a side bet, a player must first place their main bet. Side bets have outcomes that are independent of the outcome of the main bet, which means that players can still win during a round of blackjack.
Side CardA side card is also referred to as the ‘kicker’. This card will help determine the winner of the round in case of a tie.
Shoe (Baccarat)Some of the best land-based casinos use an automatic dealing machine called a shoe, which can deal up to 8 decks.
Shooter (Baccarat)The bank is sometimes referred to as the Shooter. 
Shuffle Up (Baccarat)Dealers are said to ‘shuffle up’ the deck of cards before the game begins.
Signature Slots Slots made by a casino.
Simplified CrapsCraps in a simple form, with no additional side bets.
Single Zero RouletteA Roulette wheel consisting of only one 0. 
Single Number Bet (Roulette)Pays 35:1 like Straight (up) Bet.
Straight (up) BetAn all-or-nothing wager pays 35:1.
Street BetA street is a group of numbers placed on the roulette wheel’s betting surface. This bet has an 8 percent probability of winning at 11:1 odds.
SkillPeople can pass a ‘skill’ or ‘joke’ during Baccarat to indicate that a player is having a good run.
Skill Bonus (Slots)Some slot bonuses necessitate a specific level of expertise – for example, some games may include a shooting game during the additional round. This is an unusual occurrence, as most slots are designed to be open to the general public.
Small Blind (Poker)The amount placed into the pot by the person directly to the left of the dealer. Blinds are determined by the position of the “button.” 
Snake EyesTo get ‘snake eyes’ in a game of Craps, you roll two ones or twos on the dice.
Square betSimilar to the Corner Bet.
Standoff (Baccarat)In cases where both the Player and the Banker have hands with an equal value, they are joined in a tie or are said to be having a standoff.
StickmanThe person at the Craps table who is in charge of handing back the dice to the shooter and announcing the outcome of the dice roll. Proposition bets are also placed and paid out by the stickman.
Split BetA wager on two numbers that are adjacent to one another on the table. The odds on this wager are 17:1.
Straight (up) BetAn all-or-nothing Roulette wager pays 35:1.
Super Pan NineSuper Pan Nine is a popular Baccarat variant at poker casinos in Los Angeles. It is different from other forms of Baccarat as one player act as the Bank.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘T’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Table of PlayBaccarat employs a set of rules called Table of Play, which denote the various scores allowing players to receive a third card.
Taking the OddsIn Craps, taking odds entails making an odds bet.
The Field BetTwo, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve is a Craps bet.
TieThe Tie Bet is one of the three possible bets in Baccarat. When a hand ends in a tie, it becomes a push in the absence of a tie bet. This wager has the highest base house edge, which also give it the best payout.
TurnThe fourth face-up community card displayed by the dealer. This round follows the “flop” and comes before the “river.” After the “turn,” another round of wagering will commence.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘U’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
UnderdogThe player with the worst hand based on probability.
Under the gunThis is the person that is first to act in the round of wagering.
UpcardA card that has been turned face-up during a game of Baccarat.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘V’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Video SlotsSince the 1980s, this has been the most popular type of slot game. It is common for video slots to have five reels and a big number of paylines, making them more visually appealing. After the 1978 release of the first video slot machine, Fortune Coin, video slots swiftly supplanted the more traditional mechanical slots in popularity.
VigorishBaccarat works with a commission, or a vigorish, which is a percentage fee that is taken by the casino from the winnings of. a successful wager.
VolatilityVolatility allows players to understand the likelihood of a slot spin landing a winning payline and what the payout could be. Slots can have low volatility (low risk with lower potential returns) or high volatility (high risk with high potential payouts).


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘W’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
WagerA bet placed in a casino game. 
WhaleA whale is a Blackjack player who plays at high limits.
Wide Are Progressive (WAP)Those WAP jackpot slots are part of a network of slots throughout a large area, all linked together in a single pot for jackpot wins. The payouts in these games are typically larger – most online progressive jackpot slots may be classified as WAP.
Wild MultiplierA multiplier and a wild card in one.
Wild Symbol A joker is a special slot symbol that can substitute for any other sign. When it appears on a payline, it can fill in for a symbol that has fallen out of place. With wilds, the player has a better chance of making a winning combination.
WinOne of the possible outcomes of casino games in a win. This can include the matching of symbols aligned on an active payline in slots, a certain sequence of cards in card games, or any other outcome as dictated by the online casino game rules.
Win-Both-WaysIf you’re looking for games with multiple ways to win, look no further than “multi-way slots.”
WongingWonging in Blackjack happens when you back count and only bet when you have the edge.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘X’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
XThere are currently no definitions of casino terms starting with the letter ‘X’ available.

Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘Y’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
Yellow/Orange/Pumpkin Chip (Blackjack)A $1,000 chip.
YoYo, or Yo-Eleven, is Craps slang for the number 11 to distinguish it from the number 7.


Casino terms beginning with the letter ‘Z’ can be found in the table below. 

Casino TermDefinition
ZThere are currently no definitions of casino terms starting with the letter ‘X’ available.

Learning the Casino Lingo

Playing casino games is a whole lot better when you’re familiar with the different types of terms that are often used at UK casino sites. 

The aim of our casino term dictionary is to ensure that you are well-equipped with complex casino jargon for your next casino game round, so you can enjoy your casino experience so much more. 

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