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Roulette guide – How to play Roulette online

Roulette is by far the most popular casino game all over the world together with Blackjack. The reason why Roulette is so exciting and well loved is its simplicity - the rules are very straightforward, and you can learn how to play in minutes, if not seconds. But remember that it is mostly a game of luck and not skill with the 50% chance of winning and losing.

Roulette’s simplicity and uncomplicated rules, as well as the fact that it's available practically everywhere in the land based and online casinos of the world, attracts a lot of players who like to try their luck at the roulette table.


The word Roulette comes has French origins where it means a “small wheel”. There is a whole lot of mystery, myths and legends surrounding the game, one of them involving the figure of Francois "The Magician of Monte Carlo» Blanc. According to the legend, he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the secret of winning the roulette. The story also points out that total of all the numbers on the wheel (1-36) is 666. But that never stopped millions of people enjoying this game over and over again.

Roulette rules

There are different types of Roulette games, and it’s important to know the distinction between them, since they have a different house edge which determines your chances of winning. First of all, there is French and European roulette with the wheel consisting of 37 pockets from 0-36 – this type gives a house the edge of 2.7%. The American version of the roulette wheel has pockets 0-36 plus an additional pocket of 00 and the house edge here increases to 5.26%.

The game cannot be any simpler – the ball starts rolling and stops in one of the pockets with a number and the colour. Depending what kind of bet you made you will either win or lose. In the pay table below you can see the main types of bets and payouts.

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Roulette tips

As you can see, there are multiple versions of bets that you can make in a game of roulette, but if you’re just starting out, we would recommend never betting on one number and choose one the following bets.


You can either bet on red or black with the 50% chances of winning. It is one of the most simple bets, however if the ball ends up on a zero which is green, you lose in both cases.

Odd or Even Number

Another 1: 1 type of bet is odd or even number and it is one of the most popular bets for the roulette players.

High or low

In this case, you will be betting whether the ball will end up on of the low (1-18) or the high (19-36) numbers. This bet pays 1: 1.


Here you bet on which of the three dozens of numbers the ball will fall. You can choose the first dozen 1-12, the second 13-25 or the third dozen from 26-36. The bet is paid 2: 1.

Why play Roulette online

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Of course, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the event of going to the real brick and mortar casino, placing your bets and getting all agitated among other players at the Roulette table. But you will also have to dress up, commute and overall make time for such an occasion. Good thing that all of the online casinos in the UK are offering all kinds of Roulette games online for your convenience, so you can bet at home or even anywhere on the go, using mobile versions and casino apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Get bonus when playing Roulette

When you decided to give Roulette a try, you need to be careful and choose the online casino that you’re betting your money at very well. Look out for reliable, trustworthy casinos with a large selection of casinos games and slots, excellent customer support and of course a generous welcome bonus, that will give you the opportunity to play more and pay less. Below you can see the best and most generous offers that we’ve chosen for you from the best online casinos in the UK. These are the biggest bonuses on the market – we listed them here for you so you don’t have to search high and low yourself.

LeoVegas £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 45 free spins on first deposit.

Casumo £ 50 bonus on first deposit and 200 free spins on first deposit.

Betsafe £ 250 bonus on first deposit and 10 super spins.

CasinoCruise £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 200 free spins on first deposit.

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Where to play Roulette online

Dunder £ 50 bonus on first deposit and 200 free spins on first deposit.

Mr Smith Casino £ 200 bonus on first deposit.

Maria Casino £ 100 bonus on first deposit and 40 free spins on first deposit.

Unibet £ 200 bonus on first deposit and 210 free spins on first deposit.

Mr Green £ 100 bonus on first deposit and 100 free spins on first deposit.

Rizk £ 100 bonus on first deposit and 50 free spins on first deposit.
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Live Roulette

When you have selected the best and most suitable casino for your taste and budget you can finally play the Roulette games. There are either 3D Roulette games or Live games, which are both great depending on what kind of experience are you after.

If you want to get the feeling of a real casino but from the comfort of your couch, we can recommend trying the Live Roulette with real croupiers handling the game. In Live Roulette, you will see the real person at the table throwing the ball and in most casinos you can even choose which dealer you would like to play with from 4-6 different option. The rest of the game such as bets placement and pay-outs are digital.

Good luck and we hope your bet wins today!


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