Responsible Casino Gambling Tips

Responsible Casino Gambling Tips

If you love casino games, slots, casino bonuses and playing online in general – we do as well! – it’s always good to have your gambling habits in check with the assistance of some useful tips and guidelines that will help you have much better control. Below we’ve collected some tried and true advice that will guide you through the world of gambling without creating an addiction.

Set a time limit

Especially when you’re playing online it’s extremely easy to get carried away and forget all about the time and space and just enjoy your gameplay and hopefully, a winning streak. But we suggest to set up your trusty mobile phone alarm and limit yourself to a couple of hours at most.

Mix gambling with other activities

We feel you, as we also like to spend a lot our time at the great online casinos, playing the slots and card games, participating in tournaments and challenges, but we know that it's also good to mix it up a bit sometimes. Meet friends at the pub, watch a TV series or some of our favourite casino movies, read a great book or just go for a walk. It’s all about balance, you know.

Set the money limits

Try to set the limits for your daily, weekly and monthly gameplay and make sure to stick with them. Sometimes it helps to open a separate e-wallet account and transfer the money that you are ready to spend without touching any of your other financial accounts. Some casinos allow you to set the spending limit within your account, which can be quite helpful for many gamblers out there.


Hope for a win, but be prepared to lose

Everyone agrees that you shouldn’t think of gambling as a way to get rich quick or make a living out of it. Enjoy your games, hope for the best but, most importantly, only play with the money that you are ready to lose without trying to win it back or get into a desperate financial situation.

Don’t gamble when you’re in a bad mood

Playing at a casino, be it online or a land-based casino as a way to cheer yourself up or fight sadness, loneliness or depression never really helped anyone, believe us. You can only end up creating more troubles, so try to first sort out any possible issues, and then enjoy your gameplay when you feel your best.

Don’t drink and gamble

Just like drink and driving, mixing the two can lower your attention to detail, force you to take risks you otherwise wouldn’t or just lead to some silly decisions and wasted money. You need to be sharp to play well, so staying sober and focused is crucial here.

If you need more tips and information, or you feel that yourself or your close friends might have problematic gambling tendencies, please head over to the GambleAware UK website and check out all the vast recourses they have to help people in difficult situations.