Zimpler is a pay by phone payment method that you can use at online casinos (and anywhere else that accepts it). It was started by a Swedish company and is currently very popular in Europe. People are starting to prefer Zimpler due to its security features and convenient use.

In this review, we examine all Zimpler features and how you may use this payment method at online casinos in the UK. In the end, you’ll find out if it’s appropriate for you, or not.

Always Put Safety First!

Before registering at any casino, be sure to verify its legitimacy . This means finding out who they are licensed and regulated by. You can also check out the casinos we reviewed on our website. We have already done the work for you and feature only legitimate and verified casinos. We also have a blacklist of casinos that you should avoid. 

When shopping and paying online, people want to know their personal information is secure. They want to know it’s safely stored,  can’t be accessed by any third or outside parties. and it won’t be misused by the merchant itself. 

Zimpler has been gaining in popularity due to its’ recognition as a much safer payment option for players. Players and customers have been looking for alternative ways to shop and make online payments more convenient. To add, this new payment method is also available for mobile devices as an app.

One of the key features of Zimpler is that you don’t have to share any financial details with the casino. This means, in the event your data is stolen or anything happens, that hackers won’t have access to any financial or personal information.

There is another unique method Zimpler uses to protect you further. Anytime you make a deposit or purchase, a code is sent  to your phone. This ensures that even if someone did get a hold of your phone number, they would still not be able to make any purchases without an authorization. Finally, if you are sent a code but did not make any deposits, you can take action right away. 

The service also allows you to set deposit limits for yourself. You can make sure you don’t go over any budgets you have. The limits can’t be changed without verification either. 

Zimpler is licensed by the Swedish FSA. With their license, they are allowed to operate within the EU. We can see Zimpler has many layers of security to safeguard users. The service is 100% safe to use, and you can have full confidence in it. 

Did You Know?

Pay-by-phone casino deposits have been hugely popular with players lately. With the superior features, it’s easy to see why.

How to use Zimpler at Online Casinos?

In the below sections, we’ll cover what it involves if you intend to deposit and/or withdraw using Zimpler, and all the things you should know before doing so.

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing at the Zimpler casino?

Fees are always on everyone’s mind. Most often, you will see casinos do not charge any fees for deposits (rarely some do).  On the other hand, the payment service (in this case, Zimpler) does charge some fees. The question is, are the fees more or less than the competition?

You can end up paying anywhere from 0.89 EUR to 4.82 EUR, depending on the size of the transaction. The fee that they charge also has to be paid within a specific time frame, usually 14 days. Unfortunately, these details were not readily available on the company website. 

How to Place a Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings Using Zimpler?<

The first step to using Zimpler is finding a casino that accepts it. Typically, casinos favour players using the same method for withdrawals and deposits. Below we will go over the steps to make a deposit at a casino using Zimpler.

Did You Know?

When using a pay-by-phone method like Zimpler, you will get an SMS code to verify the transaction. This means even if someone else got a hold of your phone number, they couldn’t use it to make payments in your name.

If your online casino supports Zimpler as a withdrawal option, you can withdraw by entering your mobile number. You will then get a security code sent to you.

Once you input this, your withdrawal will take place within minutes!

Solutions to Common Issues When Using Zimpler at Online Casino

 I didn’t get my SMS code to verify the deposit.

When using Zimpler for the first time, you will initially get an SMS message to set up the account. Once you create your account and link your Visa, you will be able to make deposits at the casino. Afterwards, you should get a code sent to your mobile to confirm the transaction. Double-check that you entered your phone number correctly if you are not receiving any messages.

I can’t remove Zimpler as a payment method.

If you have an unpaid balance, the casino may not let you remove your last payment option. Make sure that your balance owed is zero. Otherwise, contact the casino to resolve the issue.

I can’t make a withdrawal. 

There are a few reasons you may not be able to withdraw any money.

Most casinos also have a minimum withdrawal requirement. If you try to withdraw less money than the minimum required amount, you won’t be able to do so. 

The issue may also be related to wagering requirements. When you receive a casino bonus, it has to be wagered a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings. Please check the casino terms and conditions to find more information on wagering requirements.

I can’t make a deposit with Zimpler. 

Verify that your card information is correct. Also, make sure the card is not expired, and you are not over any deposit limits. Be sure to verify the transaction with the SMS code you should receive from Zimpler.

I got a code but didn’t make a deposit.

In the event you get an SMS code from Zimpler but did not make any deposits yourself, it could mean someone else is trying to use your phone number. In this case, you should quickly contact Zimpler to secure your account.

Did You Know? 

Zimpler was initially only used in Sweden and neighbouring Finland. Service is currently being expanded to include all of Europe.

Pros and Cons of Using Zimpler at Online Casinos

Fast deposits at accepted casinosThe service is limited to Europe
No need to share financial information with the casinoThere is a fee for the service
It is fully licensed and safeNot yet accepted at all casinos
Zimpler uses many layers of security 
Excellent customer support
Can set a monthly budget 

Zimpler vs other Casino Payment Methods

An important advantage of using Zimpler is the fact that you don’t have to share your financial information with anyone else. However, it’s not the only payment method that offers this service. How does Zimpler compare to other e-wallets and pay-by-phone services? 

One of the main competitors of Zimpler is Boku. It is a similar pay-by-phone service and is widely accepted at casinos. Zimpler has been, however,  designed with iGaming in mind. Boku, on the other hand, is generally used for general shopping/payments. 

Other companies, like Neteller and PayPal, will also allow you to make deposits without having to share your financial information with the casino. Zimpler comes out on top once again, as it is simply easier to use. The account registration process is more straightforward, and it has several important security features.

High Speed Deposits
Score Bonuses and Perks
No Sharing of Information
No Fees
Did you Know? 

Zimpler was primarily designed with casinos in mind. It offers convenience, security and quick deposits for casino players.


We can easily recommend Zimpler to anyone looking for a new, better method of payment at casinos.  The service has very little to criticize. Zimpler offers virtually everything you could want from security and ease of use. 

Payments are made very quickly. You don’t have to share any financial information with third-parties (except with Zimpler itself). There is also an additional code sent with each transaction to verify it. 

The main drawback has to do with the service area. If you are in North America, for example, you will not be able to use it.  However, if you are based in Europe, it is one of the best options available.

Frequently asked questions

One of the main reasons people use Zimpler is that it keeps your financial information secure. There is no need to share your banking card details with anyone else. Payments are also processed quickly and instantly available.
Zimpler is a pay by phone service. This means you will be using your mobile phone to make deposits and purchases. Rather than entering a card number, you will enter your phone number in order to complete a transaction
Yes, Zimpler is a legitimate company founded in Sweden in 2012. They are licensed by the Swedish FSA. Zimpler has numerous security features to keep your information safe.

Your casinos will be cleared

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