E-wallets have become a popular form of payment at online casinos and many other locations. Players prefer the convenience of not having to share any of their personal details and the quick transactions. Fundsend is a slightly different online transfer method to popular e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, and allows you to transfer money directly from your debit card to an online casino.

Always Put Safety First!

Before registering at any casino, be sure to verify the casino is legitimate. This means finding out who they are licensed and regulated by. You can also check out our casino reviews. We have already done the work and feature only legitimate and verified casinos. We also have a blacklist of casinos that you should avoid. You can be sure if you play at any of the casinos we have reviewed; they are 100% safe. 

When shopping and paying online, people want to know their personal information is secure. They want to know it’s safely stored and can’t be accessed by any third or outside parties. At the same time, they also want to know it won’t be misused by the merchant itself. 

Fundsend is a form of e-wallet that allows users to make payments without sharing their financial details with the casino. Initially, you will share your bank information with Fundsend itself. Afterwards, Fundsend will deal with all the transactions themselves. You’ve probably noticed already that Fundsend sounds very similar to the better-known PayPal. For the most part, they work largely the same. 

Fundsend is privately owned and based in England. The company is small and primarily operates within the EU. The parent company of Fundsend is Fund Movement Ltd. Fundsend is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Financial Services. With the strict regulations and practices to abide by, Fundsend represents a 100% safe payment method. You can be sure all your information will be used and stored responsibly.

Did You Know?
E-wallets like Fundsend have gained popularity over the past few years. They are now one of the dominant forms of payment, not just at casinos but any online retailer.

How to use a Fundsend at Online Casinos?

Using Fundsend at your favourite casino is typically no different than any other payment option. When it comes time to select your payment method, you simply select Fundsend instead of whatever else you would typically use. 

That said, at present, there are not many online casinos that accept this payment option.

Are There Any Fees When Depositing and Withdrawing at the Fundsend Casino?

Many payment options carry some kind of fee. Unfortunately, Fundsend is no exception. But the fees are minimal and competitive with other payment services. We don’t think this will be a deal-breaker for anyone. 

In terms of casinos, there are no fees charged by the casino itself when using Fundsend. Generally, casinos do not charge fees on any payment method, and if they did, we would recommend you go elsewhere.

How to place a deposit and withdraw your winnings using Fundsend?

Here, we’ll go over more detailed steps on using Fundsend at your online casino. 

When it comes to withdrawals, players might be disappointed. Unfortunately, Fundsend is not set up for receiving money, and you can only use Fundsend to make payments. When it is time to withdraw any winnings from the casino, you will have to select another method. 

Did You Know?
payment methods like Fundsend are great for making deposits, oftentimes, they can’t be used for withdrawals.

Solutions to Common Issues When Using Fundsend at Online Casinos

I can’t make a withdrawal.

Fundsend is only for making deposits. However, if you are using another withdrawal method and have problems, there could be a few explanations. The most common problem is that players may not have met the wagering requirements set by the casino. To withdraw money gained from casino bonuses, you have to wager the bonus a certain number of times first. Wagering requirements can vary significantly from casino to casino. It’s best to check the terms and conditions page for specific details regarding bonus conditions.

I can’t remove Fundsend as a payment method.

If you have an unpaid balance, a casino won’t let you remove your last payment option. Make sure that your balance owed is zero. Otherwise, contact the casino to resolve the issue.

I don’t see Fundsend as a payment option.

Verify first that the casino accepts Fundsend as a payment option; not all casinos do. If it doesn’t, you will have to use an alternative payment option.

I don’t see the funds in my casino account. 

It could take a little bit of time for the funds to appear. Make sure you finalised and confirmed the payment. Also, refresh your page to see if the funds will then appear. 

Did You Know? Most casinos have FAQs that address common problems as well. For issues that persist, it is best to contact the casino directly. 

Pros and Cons of using Fundsend at Online Casinos

Quick deposits at your online casinoFees are charged for transactions
Fundsend is very safe and secureIt’s not possible to use it as a withdrawal method
Fully licensed and regulated in the UKNot accepted at all casinos 
No need to share your banking details with the casino
It’s a popular payment method

Fundsend vs. other Payment Methods

How does Fundsend compare to similar options? There are plenty of ways you can make deposits without having to share your banking information. Besides e-wallets, you also have pay-by-phone options, which have been gaining in popularity, too. 

Some of the main e-wallet competitors to Fundsend include Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. Like Fundsend, they also come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Skrill and Neteller enjoy wider popularity online and are accepted practically across all UK online casinos. On the other hand, Fundsend is not that popular yet, and that’s one of its major drawbacks.

Other payment options include prepaid cards and vouchers. With these, you also don’t have to share any information with the casino. However, they can be a bit of a hassle. Many prepaid cards have low limits, so you can’t make any larger deposits with them. They also come with fees. Prepaid cards also can’t be used to make withdrawals, only payments.

The final payment option with relative anonymity is the pay-by-phone service. Here, you use your phone number to make a deposit. The exact process can vary slightly by service provider. Some will send an SMS message to your phone with a code to confirm the deposit. These also have the major drawback of not being used for withdrawals.

FeaturesFundsendDebit CardsPayPalPrepaid Cards
Fast Deposits
No Sharing of Financial Information
Can Be Used For Withdrawals
High Deposit Limits
Charges Fees
Did You Know?
There are now countless payment options available. Gone are days when you could only pay with your debit card. Be sure to research all the options well to make the best choice for you. 


We went over all the main features of Fundsend and how to use it at your favourite casino. Indeed, many advantages might make you switch over. Knowing that your banking information will be secure and doesn’t need to be shared provides peace of mind. The deposits made with Fundsend should appear instantly in your casino account. Compared to similar payment options, Fundsend compares very favourably.

The major drawback with Fundsend is the fees and the fact that you can’t withdraw any funds. While no one likes fees, many services charge fees, so it doesn’t come out as a huge drawback. The fees themselves are very reasonable and not excessive by any means. The lack of withdrawal functionality might be a problem for some people, though.  Overall if you were looking for a new way to pay, Fundsend deserves a look

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Fundsend is fully licensed and regulated in the UK by the UK Financial Services. Most people prefer Fundsend for the security it provides.
No, unfortunately, not all casinos will accept Fundsend as a payment option, in fact, only a few do at present.
This will vary by casino. In some casinos, certain payment options are excluded from qualifying for the deposit bonus.
Unfortunately, this functionality is not available yet. For withdrawals, we recommend alternate transfer options like Jeton or MuchBetter.

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