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Slot Tracker – a tool designed to help you win more on slots!

We’re delighted to introduce a one-of-a-kind tool that has been developed with slot players in mind: Slot Tracker is a software that tracks players' activity on online slots in real-time, with the aim of providing its users with valuable data about hundreds of slots, and helping them win more in the long run!

Slot Tracker first started as a personal project, as a tool for tracking expenses on individual slots. Over the years, the software started to attract a passionate group of followers on online forums and live streaming platforms, which led to its being further developed according to players' feedback. It is now available for download free of charge, for an unlimited period of time.

Slot Tracker tracks key slot data such as hit rate, bonus frequency, volatility and RTP based on real spins made by those players who are linked to its network. This means that players need not rely solely on the statistics provided by the developer. To take RTP as an example, all developers publish this figure to indicate the return to player over a theoretical number of rounds. However, slot Tracker displays exactly how much players got back from a specific slot, and also provides the same figure based on the totality of spins generated by the entire Slot Tracker community, which is a more accurate reflection of reality. The same goes for figures like hit rate and maximum win - Slot Tracker will tell you the maximum amount players have actually won from a particular slot, which in some cases might be less than the maximum payout advertised by the developer. This means that it will give you a better indication of how likely it is to win the jackpot. The more you play, the more you will be able to compare data generated by different slots, which will eventually help you pick the best slots to play for real money and avoid those games that aren’t as rewarding as you thought.

What's great about this program is that it can also help players keep track of their spending on different slots and at different online casinos. Players can export logs showing how much they have staked per spin on every slot, something which should help with sticking to one’s budget. 

To help introduce players to this tool, CasinoHawks has prepared various tutorials on how to make the best advantage of Slot Tracker. Head over to our slot tips and tutorials page to get started, or click on the link below to register for your Slot Tracker account for free!

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