The story behind Slot Tracker

Slot Tracker is a software that tracks players’ activities on thousands online slots with the purpose of providing them with accurate data about their activity. The people behind Slot Tracker were aware of the fact that gamblers are constantly looking for ways and tips on how to win on slot machines and wanted to come up with a helpful tool to help them find the best payout slots and gamble smarter.

How did Slot Tracker come about?

Initially, Slot Tracker was meant as a tool for tracking expenses on slots. Since a player may end up making hundreds of spins with different bet amounts, sometimes at different online casinos, it can be difficult to keep track of the amounts lost and won. The founders of Slot Tracker developed it as a personal project to keep track of their own expenses, but the software soon attracted a passionate group of followers on online forums and streaming platforms. The founders soon realized that such a tool can not only help players stick to a budget, but it can also help them identify the best slots to play thanks to data such as RTP, bonus averages and hit frequency.

After realizing the tool’s potential in helping players make smarter choices while gambling, the developers spent another year perfecting the tool thanks to feedback from big personalities in the world of slots. This led to the creation of a very unique product, created according to what the players wanted, and which till this date continues to grow thanks to player feedback.

Slot Tracker is the only software that tracks over 4,500 slot machines by different developers. It does so by taking snapshots of the network data that is sent back and forth when players play slots online, and by presenting the data collected on an easy-to-use platform. Amongst other things, it will provide you with accurate RTP figures, bonus frequency and hit rate figures, all based on thousands of real spins made by real players who are part of the Slot Tracker Community. Its features, which we’ll explain in more detail in our dedicated article, will help you:

  • Keep track of your own profits and losses on a spin by spin basis so as to gamble more wisely.
  • Identify the best payout slots by comparing data generated for different slots.
  • Chosse a slot with the volatility and hit rate that are best suited to your preferences.
  • Compare your activity with that of other players to see how well you’ve been doing compared to the average.

To date, this tool is truly one of a kind; in fact, it’s even the only tool designed for those players who’d like to learn how to win more on slot machines online. And what’s more, it is currently available for free, and for an unlimited time! To learn more about the key benefits and features of Slot Tracker click here, or visit the Slot Tracker website to register directly!