Bingo and lottery are two of the most popular gambling games of all times. So, what happens when you join the two in a single game!? There is only one way to find out! Try the new Evolution Gaming Mega Ball, the Bingo and Lottery combo, which is the latest innovative live game by this extraordinary provider. Evolution Gaming has long since distinguished itself by producing thrilling variants and exclusive games. And from the looks of it, Mega Ball will fit both bills stupendously. So, let’s us see what Mega Ball is all about and how to play this highly entertaining game! 

Mega Ball gameplay

Mega Ball is primarily a game show, hosted into a dazzling and colourful studio, with an elegant dealer to lead all of the action. The main attraction of the game is the custom-built ball drawing machine, that is home to 51 numbered balls of various colours. The machine is very similar to others we’ve seen used for lottery games in various countries around the world.   

The rules of the game are not so hard to understand especially as they are a merger between those applied for Bingo and for Lottery. To start the game players need to set the value of their bingo-style cards and just like in lottery purchase the numbers they desire. The numbers purchased by each player can amount up to 200 in each round. Every ball that is drawn from the machine must be matched to the numbers on the player’s cards. The game comes with a lot of anticipation as each player watches the numbers being matched in a single line with each draw. 

Mega Ball live game

The game is very fast-paced and the 20 balls needed for each round are quickly drawn without any pauses. The players don’t need to mark the drawn numbers on the cards like in Bingo as this will be done automatically by the interference which will also proceed to re-arrange the position of the cards with the first one showing the most promising results. 

The anticipated multipliers. 

As the last ball is drawn and the last number is marked on the cards, the lightning of the studio is completely transformed in a spectacular display of technology used at its best. The player dashboard is equally transformed, generating an additional sense of anticipation. The transformation highlights the next part of the game where multipliers ranging from x5 to x100 are produced. If the Mega Ball draw has completed a line, a multiplier is added to the win.  According to Evolution Gaming, players have the chance to receive a multiplier of up to x1,000,000. 

The game is not over yet! If lady luck is feeling particularly benevolent, players might stand the tiny chance of witnessing the draw of the 2nd Mega Ball. This is quite a rare occurrence but still a possibility, and might lead to a continuation of the excitement for a bit longer. The 2nd Mega Ball gifts players with a second possibility to land a big multiplied win. 

Evolution Gaming Mega Ball

Where to play Mega Ball 

Many online casinos featuring games by Evolution Gaming have already including this exciting game in their repertoire of live games. Here are some of the best online casinos that are already offering this game to both loyal and new customers: 

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