World Cup round of 16 post-analysis and quarter final betting tips

Here at CasinoHawks, we've been following every World Cup match together with fantasy football expert and tipster Russell Cane, in order to analyse the results and be able to give our readers a few handy betting tips for upcoming matches. Things are now getting pretty hot, as the round of 16 is done and dusted, and England are off to the quarter finals to face underdog adversaries Sweden. But how likely is it for England to actually win this game? And what about the other upcoming matches between France and Uruguay and Brazil and Belgium?

Watch our interview with Russell to get an expert's insight on the World Cup quarter-final games. Russell will share some betting tips on the safest bet types to place on each match and express his opinion on each team's strengths and weaknesses. Listen to Russell before placing your World Cup bet, then head over to our odds section to find which betting site is offering the best odds on your selection!

Video interview with Russell Cane on the World Cup quarter final predictions