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World Cup 2018 predictions: Who is the most likely to win?

Now that preparations for the World Cup in Russia are in full swing, curious fans and bettors alike will be looking for World Cup 2018 predictions, for an indication of which team could be this year's winner. Here at CasinoHawks, we've had a look at current predictions, in order to be able to satisfy your curiosity as well as to identify those World Cup odds that come with less risk (albeit lower payouts). So who is the most likely to win the World Cup 2018? Let's look into this matter more closesly.

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Brazil emerges as World Cup 2018 favourite 

It comes as no surprise that according to World Cup 2018 predictions, Brazil is the favourite to win this prestigious competition this year. This is indicated by Brazil's lower Outright odds when compared to other teams. At Unibet sportsbook, for example, odds for Brazil to lift the trophy are currently 5.50, meaning that those who back Brazil will get £55 for every £10 they bet on Brazil if this team really does win the World Cup. Germany is ranking pretty close according to World Cup predictions, and odds for a Germany win are currently 5.75. Other countries who seem to have a really good chance this year are Spain, France and Argentina (whose key player Messi is currently deemed as the likeliest to score the highest number of goals this World Cup). If you'd like to view a list of current World Cup 2018 odds for all participating countries, we suggest you have a look at our World Cup 2018 Guide here.

World Cup 2018 predictions about England

When it comes to Outright Winner odds, England is not ranking too far down the list, and according to World Cup 2018 predictions suggested by sportsbook odds, it is more likely for the English team to win than the Portuguese! Unibet is currently offering odds of 18.00 on an England win and odds of 1.75 for England to make it to the Top 8. What's more, it seems that England also has a very good chance of qualifying from the Group Stage, as the team's competing against Panama, Tunisia and Belgium. Although odds indicate a Belgium win on the 28th of June, they strongly favour an England win with regard to the other two matches. 

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World Cup 2018 Group Qualifiers predictions

In order to be able to make more accurate predictions, we've consulted the renowned Sports Radio Station talkSPORT, who's made predictions for all stages of the World Cup. According to talkSPORT's Super Computer, the below teams will qualify from the Group Stage:

  • Group A - Uruguay and Egypt
  • Group B - Spain and Portugal
  • Group C - France and Denmark
  • Group D - Argentina and Croatia
  • Group E - Brazil and Serbia
  • Group F - Germany and Sweden
  • Group G - Belgium and England
  • Group H - Colombia and Poland

More World Cup 2018 predictions

TalkSPORT's Super Computer also predicts that England will make it to the quarter-finals, only to lose 2-1 against Germany. Semi-finals will be between France and Brazil and Argentina and Germany, with a Final between Argentina and Brazil. Brazil will then win the World Cup with a score of 2-1. 

Of course, all of the above are just predictions, based on the teams' history and the key players in each team who are bound to have a significant effect on the game outcomes. However, the actual outcomes are still subject to a number of other factors, such as injuries, the referees' decisions, or even luck.

World Cup 2018 winner betting tips

If you intend to bet on the World Cup Winner early on, for the moment we suggest placing a bet on either Germany or Brazil, or if you'd like to take even less risk, you could also bet on a team making it to the top 8 or the top 4 (such an option is available at Unibet sportsbook). Other low-risk bets include betting on England in the matches against Panama and Tunisia, but these will of course offer lower payouts. You could also attempt to place a few fixed odds bets and see if you can hedge these bets by taking advantage of changing in-play odds during the matches.

For more betting strategies, we suggest you have a look at our article on World Cup 2018 betting tips here. In the meantime, make sure you follow what's happening closely and to visit CasinoHawks World Cup Guide from time to time to get World Cup 2018 updates and news. Be a part of the action this World Cup and bet with more confidence!