Who is Mr Green - Casinohawks exclusive interview 

Who is Mr Green?

Casinohawks exclusive interview with Jesper Kärrrbrink, CEO of Mr Green Casino

Casinohawks team met with CEO of Mr Green to discuss various facts about this successful casino brand and its future plans. 

Q: Who is Mr Green? 

A: I'm the CEO, but he is Mr Green, he is the brand, he's living the brand 24/7. He's fun, very responsible, a bit unexpected, but most importantly he's extremely entertaining. If you get to know him, he's really a cut above the rest.

Q: What is his lifestyle?

A: I think we captured him pretty well. He's mysterious, very successful and all the TV commercials are shot from his mansions and all the rooms. It's huge, and there are so many rooms, and we are just showing some of them. He has his sports room, casino room, etc. 

It's a big opportunity for us to use his mansion for the TV advertising and most likely we will be using it as a part of our gaming experience in the future. 

Q: What's coming up for Mr Green?

A: No, but ok yes I can tell you. We are going to visit Mr Green cribs all over the world. Stay tuned for Mr Green Cribs Edition. 

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