Online Gaming improves memory, play now at Casumo casino

Online Gaming improves memory, the new study says

Breaking news, guys! If you thought that playing online casino games is just fun and an entertaining way to win some money, think twice.

A new study carried at the UCLA (the University of California at Los Angeles) found out that those people who play online games for 20 minutes a day can dramatically improve cognitive function and increase awareness. Even if you don't play every day and only enjoy occasional gaming every few days, your memory still benefits from it and improves over time.

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Playing online is said to be a variation of computerised brain training regimen that improves people's neuronal plasticity, which can help us with problem-solving, reasoning and improved calculation processes.

You can even slow down the ageing of the brain and avoid such diseases as dementia and Alzheimer’s when you play your favourite games online. It is especially true for more skill based games like online poker, blackjack and bingo.

So here is another reason for you to hit the play button of your favourite casino games, knowing that you're doing a lot of good for your memory.

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