New Blitz Mode on NetEnt games at Casino Heroes!

A new exclusive game mode is now available for selected markets when playing NetEnt games at Casino Heroes: the new Blitz mode is a feature that will allow you to play slots up to 6 times faster! This makes it a fast-paced mode that should attract those players who don’t enjoy waiting for the reels to spin or who are simply having a busy week.

OPERATOR BRAND GAME TYPE COUNTRY: Casino Heroes - Casino - Great Britain and Northern Ireland

How does Blitz Mode work?

If you choose to play games in Blitz Mode, you won’t see the reels spinning or the game's animations. Instead, you’ll just view your accumulated winnings pulsing in the middle of the screen, while in actual fact you'll still be playing on the same slot engine (which means that RTP and hit frequency will remain the same). In this way, spins will be up to 6 times faster since players won't waste time pressing the spin button and waiting for the visual effects that precede or follow certain features.

How to use Blitz Mode at Casino Heroes

Unfortunately, Blitz Mode is not currently available to players who reside in the UK, and at the moment we have no information as to whether this will be available in the near future or not. If you reside outside of the UK and you'd like to try out slots in Blitz Mode, you need to join the fun-loving Casino Heroes, since this mode is currently exclusive to this casino. Follow the below steps to get started:

  • Click on the link below to Casino Heroes.
  • Sign up as a new player with Casino Heroes or log in to your account.
  • Go to the casino lobby.
  • Scroll down to ‘Games with Blitz Mode’.
  • Choose your game
  • Press the ‘Play Blitz’ button
  • Select the number of spins and how much you’d like to stake.

Blitz Mode will keep you updated about the amounts won for the selected number of spins in the middle of the screen, which makes for a radically different slot gaming experience. Of course, you can always choose to switch from Blitz Mode to normal mode while continuing to play the same slot.

While games in Blitz Mode do not look like slots at all and may not appeal to those who value the entertainment factor, this mode can certainly prove convenient both for high rollers as well as for those players who would prefer not to wait to see how much they've lost or won. Who knows, it might even be the next big thing in slots! Make sure to visit CasinoHawks regularly to be the first to know if it becomes available in your region, and to get access to more news about developments in the online casino sector.

OPERATOR BRAND GAME TYPE COUNTRY: Casino Heroes - Casino - Great Britain and Northern Ireland