Win Luxury Cruise every month at CasinoCruise

Luxury Cruise every month - win at CasinoCruise

Cruising the Mediterranean, Carribean, China or Norwegian Fjords is something that probably all of us would like to experience. The luxury cruises are rather costly though, so not many can actually make this dream come true. 

Good thing there is CasinoCruise out there, a fun and exciting online casino that not only allows you to play a wide selection of great games and online slots but also gives you a chance to win an all-inclusive cruise vacation on a monthly basis. 

Yes, you heard us right! Every single month CasinoCruise holds a random prize draw with the main winner receiving a luxury cruise package. Every month the cruise liner will set the course for a new stunning destination.


How to get on-board

  • Every single CasinoCruise player is invited to participate. Click on the link below and head over to CasinoCruise website.
  • Opt into the Cruise Promotion and start collecting your prize draw entry tickets. 
  • Every £50 deposit will give you one prize draw entry, while, for example, £150 deposit will guarantee 3 tickets. 
  • There are no limits on how many tickets you can collect for the massively increased chances of winning. 
  • Every month CasinoCruise will hold the draw and notify the winner about the details of where the luxury cruise liner is heading this time.


* highly recommends reading the full terms and conditions of this promotion at CasinoCruise website.