One players gets 2 jackpots at bgo casino

Bgo player hits the jackpot twice, beating all the odds

You wouldn't believe what just happened at Bgo casino! One lucky player, a 40 years old woman with the nickname Sandam from South London managed to score two jackpots within one month on the same game Star Lanterns MegaJackpots.

BGO casino - player wins 2 jackpots

Her first win happened on a Good Friday, 14th April 2017 when she got a massive £1.13 million jackpot. She continued playing the same game and, lo and behold, got another jackpot of £627K at the beginning of May. She totalled an unbelievable £1.7m

How is this even possible? We don't quite know ourselves since the odds of such lucky coincidence is 625 million to 1 according to Bgo Boss. 



‘Sandam’ player was staking two £20 bets on MegaJackpots Star Lanterns, and she managed to hit it really big. Twice! 

‘Sandam’ player is amazed: “I just couldn’t believe it when I won the first jackpot. But when the second win happened less than a month later I thought there must be a mistake. The first thing I’ll splash out on is a new car, and there’ll be lots of treats for the family lined up too.”

Bgo Head of Marketing Allan Turner, commented: “’Sandam’ has been a customer since 2015. The double jackpot win shows that with the right strategy, the big games do pay out and we’re seeing the popularity of these games rise steadily. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer experiences and a huge range of games for our players and we’re always really pleased when we can payout on life-changing jackpots such as these!”

All we're trying to say is that statistically "impossible" things do happen. Believe it or not but from the statistics point of view you have more chances to win an Oscar (11,500:1), be struck by lightning (10m:1) or give birth to identical quadruplets (13m:1). All of these events are more likely to happen than grabbing two massive  Star Lanterns Mega Jackpots in one month.

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