Bet €2.5 and win €3.3 million - Real Win story at Casumo

Woo-hoo! Another incredible winning story is coming your way!  One mega-lucky Casumo Casino player just hit the Mega Fortune slot progressive jackpot. But the most unbelievable part of this story is that the 28-year-old Swedish player hit the incredible €3,317,639 jackpot with only placing a €2.50 bet on the winning spin. 

Mega Fortune slot is famous for turning quite a few people all over the world into millionaires and on the 30th March, one more joined the happy bunch. 


We've got a real-time footage of how the winning streak actually happened. Watch it below!

28-year-old from Sweden wins a €3.3 million jackpot in Mega Fortune at Casumo 

While Casumo is still rather young and new, this is already the fourth multimillion win in this casino and the second biggest win for that matter. We might feel a slight hint of jealousy, but the best thing is that Casumo Casino has a great selection of progressive jackpot slots and they keep growing every day when players in many different countries keep playing them online. So if you want to be the hero of our next winning story, click on the link below and head over to Casumo Casino to start playing and winning.