Learn Age of the Gods slot characters and play here

Learn Age of the Gods slot characters for better play

Have you tried playing Age of the Gods progressive jackpot series from Playtech game developer already? 

It's an amazing series released instead of the Marvel progressive jackpot slots that were taken out of rotation a few months ago. Instead, Playtech launched a few slots based on the Greek Mythology with the same game mechanics and progressive jackpot structure as the famous and popular Marvel slots. 

All the slots in this series linked to the four progressive jackpots and have some cool features including a lot of Free Spins.  

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The jackpots can be pretty big so paying attention to these games is a must in our opinion. But what is also important is understanding of what is going on in the game and knowing the main characters. If you're not very familiar with Ancient Greek myths and legends, Ladbrokes Casino has created a handy little guide that will clarify for you who is who on the Olympus mountain. 

Zeus, Athena, Hercules, Apollo, Pandora and other important characters and their famous stories are explained quickly and easily so you can have a better understanding of the gameplay. And all in all, Greek mythology is actually a lot of fun, so reading the Ladbrokes article might inspire you to check out the Greek Myths in general. 

To read the fill guide click on the link below and head over to Ladbrokes Casino website News page. 

Ladbrokes £ 50 bonus on first deposit.

Once you've learnt about the gods and heroes of Age of the Gods series, you can quickly read our reviews of the best slots of this series below.

In the review above we also have links to the amazing and generous Uk online casinos that will let you play Age of the Gods and also give our readers exclusive welcome bonuses and extra free spins. One of them is Ladbrokes Casino, of course.

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