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Kindred explores relationship between MR technology and betting

Kindred Group has just invested in a study which aims to find out how augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies may be utilised in sports betting for the purposes of interacting with sports data. To conduct this research, this renowned group, which comprises of leading brands such a Unibet, is collaborating with development studio Zappar.

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Zappar is a designer of MR technologies, amongst them its smartphone-enabled ZapBox which was launched in 2016. The two partners are currently exploring how this technology will alter the way in which bettors interact with sports data. Together, they have already developed prototype models based on major sports events such as the 2017 Champions League final.

With the help of Zappar’s MR technology, bettors will have more control over their gambling behaviour, as they immerse themselves at the core of sports data. The Zapbox allows users to engage themselves in mixed reality via their smartphones for an affordable price of $30, so that they can make more informed gambling decisions.

According to Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures, a branch within Kindred Group that is dedicated to innovation:

 “We’re very passionate about ensuring that audiences are given enough data to make sensible gaming decisions and think that our experiment with Zappar is an exciting step in the right direction.

Online betting is constantly changing, and ultimately what this partnership aims to do is offer a new approach to game statistics and data analysis. Mixed and augmented reality are likely to enrich the online gambling experience and alter bettor behaviour, and we were delighted to hear that Kindred seems to have positioned itself at the forefront of these innovations!

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