Harry Kane photo

Harry Kane named England captain for the World Cup 2018!

It’s been confirmed: top player Harry Kane has been named captain of the English team during the World Cup 2018 in Russia, and he’s very optimistic about England’s chances of winning!

24-year-old Tottenham striker Harry Kane is also the youngest player to be captaining England during a World Cup, but he has insisted that he is ready to deal with all the pressure and scrutiny that comes with being in this position. Kane has scored a total of 41 goals last season and betting sites are currently predicting that he will be England’s top goalscorer during this World Cup.

"I believe we can win it - anyone can”, Kane said, “I cannot sit here and say we are not going to win it because we could do."

"It is my mindset and I want to win at everything I do. The players in the team want to as well. It is worth fighting for. I am sure we have all had dreams of lifting it and it is an opportunity for us.”

With regard to the fact that the English squad is young and that England is not the favourite to win the World Cup 2018, Kane said that this is not an excuse, but can actually be a good thing.

England’s first World Cup match will be against Tunisia on the 18th of June, followed by two other Group Stage matches against Panama and Belgium. So far it is being predicted that England is likely to win qualify from this stage and proceed to play against a team from Group H in the round of 16. This can be any team from Colombia, Japan, Poland and Senegal, and yet again the odds seem to be in England’s favour. To learn more about England's opponents during this World Cup and the team's chances of winning, have a look at our article here.

It seems like Kane's mindset is certainly the way to go, and we cannot wait to see how his team will perform during this World Cup. For more news and updates on this topic, make sure you visit our World Cup Guide from time to time, and keep up with the action thanks to CasinoHawks!