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In what was possibly one of the most dramatic matches during the World Cup 2018, on Saturday we watched Germany nearly get kicked out of the tournament while the Swedes were ready to call it a draw! But at the last minute, a free kick represented a golden opportunity for Germany, and the team ended up winning the game 2-1. Our correspondent — and Swedish supporter — Chris, watched this game directly from Sochi and was ready to share his thoughts with us. Let’s see what he had to say about what Swedish fans are calling the most heartbreaking game of the World Cup.

“It looked so good, and the feeling lasted for so long! With its striking defense, we were about to witness a repetition of Sweden’s battle against Italy last fall, as the team nearly earned its valuable point when it played Germany here in Sochi last night. Then, towards the end of the game, Jimmy Durmaz’s foul led to a game-changing free kick, and the rest is history. Toni Kroos scored for Germany and it honestly felt like losing a close relative!

When I returned to my hotel in central Sochi after the match, I was still disappointed to read some people’s comments on Instagram. Although I do understand that people need to vent their frustration, I feel that it is never acceptable for anyone to be racist or even threatening under any circumstance, as some comments were with regard to Durmaz, the Swedish midfielder who was born to Assyrian parents. Yes, Durmaz’s foul may have been a great failure and it is clear that he shouldn't have given the referee the chance to blow the whistle for Germany’s free-kick when there was just a minute left for the match to end.

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Toni Kroo’s free-kick goal was awe-inspiring to say the least. I was watching from behind the goal post and had a perfect view of the ball’s trajectory as it hit the net behind Robin Olsen. The shot was superb, hard to define. But as unfortunate as this feels, now both fans and players have to call it a day and start looking ahead to the next game.

After all, Sweden still has its destiny in its own hands when it comes to its last group stage match against Mexico in Ekaterinburg on Wednesday. Three points there and they’re in. What worries me is rather how players can recover, at least mentally, after such a game in an otherwise great match. After all, yesterday’s loss can break even the most resilient.”

Next up, Germany will play South Korea, a game where the Germans are clearly the favourite to win. However, given all the surprises this World Cup, we cannot really tell what will happen. Perhaps it’s safer to check out those in-play odds if you’d like to bet on the Germans but have got that nagging doubt about the outcome.

Current odds for Mexico – Sweden at Bethard

Mexico Win: 2.4

X: 3.15

Sweden Win: 3.05

Current odds for South Korea – Germany at Bethard

South Korea Win – 15.50

X 7.00

Germany Win – 1.16